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  1. Andiroo



    I currently have two trading accounts (Interactive Brokers and ETrade). In recent months my trading has increased to 5-10 trades a week (swing trader).

    My basic excel model i developed to keep track of trades, P&L, performance etc is taking longer and longer to maintain and i probably need to get some kind of new software to keep a track of this.

    I have seen a product called "TradeLog) but to be honest it looks great for end of year tax issues but not so good for performance analysis.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    All help welcomed?


  2. dryheat3


    I am also evaluating various software packages for tracking portfolio performance as well as tax reporting.
    So far I've been using Quicken but it stumbles big on options and futures trades. I am testing the trial versions of both Gainskeeper and TradeAccountant. So far I'm not really thrilled by anything I've seen out there. Hopefully this reply will bump this back to the top of forum and get more responses.

    Dry :)
  3. Andiroo


    I sure hope so - as your the first to take time to answer and i am sure people have some good systems out there.
  4. Here is software which (as i understand) may satisfy your requirments

    it allows connection to multiple brokers and data providers...
  5. dryheat3


    Thanks for that suggestion. For me, I'm perfectly satisfied with my present trading platforms. No need or desire at this time to learn a new one. My main requirement at this time is a tool which can consolidate all my trading activity into one application, but for reporting purposes rather than trading. I would like something which can accurately handle all types of trading instruments, options (including complex spreads), stocks, bonds, futures, forex. I want to be able to clearly see where my trades are producing the greatest return per capital exposed. The application should also be able to display the big picture, rolling all transactions up to show overall profit/loss. Being able to export to a tax program like Turbo Tax is the final requirement.

    Not sure if one exists but so far everything I've tried is severely lacking in many of these key areas.

    Dry :)
  6. hahaha...

    if you want everything you described you need to choose brokers and data feeds that support these features and can provide this information through their API...

    as i know PT MultiStation has all features that you want supported, but if your broker dont have it then PTM won't show you this :)))

    simple logic ;)
  7. dryheat3


    Thanks Natalie, I'll look it up and give it a try.

    Dry :)
  8. Catoosa


    I have used Captools Investment Software for years. I think it supports what you want to do. It is primarily used by brokers and financial institutions for keeping clients records but is also used by some traders.
  9. dryheat3


    Thanks for the suggestion. I have an email into their support team. Do you know whether TradeMax supports trades made in futures contracts?

    Dry :)
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