Software to keep track of day to day trading?

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  1. Hi,

    What do you guys use to keep track of your day to day trading records? I am currently using excel to do the job.

    Wondering if there's any better options out there.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Are u for real?
    Most accounts have a daily P/L sheet that is available to you via email or downloading from your account
  3. "are you for real"

    ...and i presume the statement account also contains screenshots and comments of the trades, riiiight?

    to the original poster: don't listen to the nutjob above...

    excel will do the job....
  4. It's a valid question, esp if you want more than just your P&L saved.

    I was impressed with TraderDNA but they dropped the ball on connecting with Open ECry. I am looking for a replacement. If I can't find it, may be time to consider designing something....
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    not sure whether this will meet your requirement, this is built with Excel macro and link to word etc.

    however, one limitation is that it is design to work with Elder's (the author of "trading for a Living" ) Trade Management method. So if you are not a fan of his method, it might not be of any good to you , but will give you some idea.

    however, if it is closed to what you want, u might be able to email the programmer of the package (via the support) to see whether he can make some changes, if that is possible, it will definitely save you lots of time developing the software. is hard coded to limit the maximum loss per trade to 2% of your account, however, I supposed the programmer can easily changed it to be a variable rather than hard coded 2% per Elder's method.
  6. Damn Alex, is that you again? :confused:
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    I have been using tradlog for several years now. I believe this years license fee was $166, IMHO it was well worth it. The software connects to the broker and gives me my daily stats and downloads all trades into the database.

    I use it to see how I am doing on a weekly basis--but I do check daily at times. BTW my broker also gives a that info but I like to have my own software to verify that the brokers system and mine are coming to same results. No problem to date.

    I tried excel for a while but i got tired of playing around with it. I do not have the time to manage excel. Sort/Format/ETC

    They do have several versions available for the smaller trader to the larger trader. Here is a link.

    Hope this helps,

  8. NinjaTrader has a builit-in analysis tool which allows a trader to analyze their trading by any cross-section that they like.
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    Im using TWSAUTOTRACK Its only working with Interactive Brokers, but saves me a lot of time.
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