software to increase windows xp speed -when using multiple applications

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    Last year someone mentioned a piece of software that increased the processing speed of windows. I looked through the threads but couldn't find it. Does anyone remmber what it was..
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    no, it was some inexpensive add-on to windows. There was a couple of alternatives.
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    A kind member sent me a detailed pm explaining alternatives . I won't post his name or info. in case he had a reason not to post it on teh board. But here is the thread I was looking for..

    Anyone using ramdisk pro and how is it with esignal and other charting applications. I have a 3gig computer with hyperthreading and 1500 ram.
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  7. There is a tool called TweakXP, or Tweak XP. It optimizes windows for speed.

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    Have you tried cleaning up your registry to regain speed of your Windows? Check this utility out. It’s called RegSupreme.
  9. doesn't exist.

    registry cleaners will cause more damage than good.

    make sure you disable system restore and don't run any unnecessary background applications when you work. especially disable the anti virus auto protect feature, which slows the computer down drastically.
  10. Never tried Ramdisk, either Cenatek or SuperSpeed version, but I'm going to give it a go.

    Tweak XP has some useful features, Ive found more bells and whistles in it that don't have anything to do with performance.

    I run a "stripped down" XP pro system, with about 7+ Windows services disabled (Messenger, Error reporting, updates, more). Have system turned off completely (and run manual backups of important dirs daily). Customized the "performance" setting in control panel to 'performance' instead of 'appearance' and all of Windows picks up in speed and responsiveness. XP uses a hefty amount of resources to create those curvy blue, 3D corners, shadows on windows, etc.

    Biggest improvement in system speed was after moving XP and apps to Raid 0 with 2 Hitachi Deskpro 7200 rpm drives. Moved the system pagefile to a third Hitachi drive.

    Diskeeper 9 defragments the most used disk partitions daily, and that makes a difference as well.

    Esignal/Amibroker and Cybertrader run well on my P2.8, 1G, but then again I'm not running a dozen real-time backtesting scripts with something like IRT (a dozen EFS scripts will bog any machine down, or so I hear). After checking some of the older Ramdisk posts, a 30% increase in an app that does backtesting is a big performance gain.
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