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    I find myself constantly asking the following questions when trading:

    1- what breakouts are most significant?

    2- what dollar amount does a stock have to move after which the probability of a reversal and significantly affected?

    3- how does a stock move in relation to time of year?

    4- how significant is an IBD composite score to a stocks movement?

    5- How significant are futures prices are to stock movements?

    6- how significant are options prices to stock movements?

    7- what is the average distance between open and high, open and low?

    the list goes on and on and I'm not sure a backtesting package will be able to help me. Most of them have built in metrics to judge strategies that may be different from what I'm looking for. How do I start answering these questions?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Try TeleChart from Worden or their stockfinder version for a few answers. Better, develop your own code to do what you are looking for. Plenty of feeds out there.
  3. Hi,
    The Worden products are for the lemmings of the financial trading world. I assume you're not looking to throw yourself off any metaphorical cliffs with the rest of the Telecharts crowd so...

    It's difficult to answer your question without knowing the type of strategy you have in mind how sophisticated you, and it, are. I personally use Tradersstudio which could answer most of the questions you're asking via custom reporting.

    The way you ask the question is as if you expect a backtester to "give" you the answer; and you see that fact that this hasn't happened as a sign of failure, which it is not. The scope of a backtester is relatively narrow, hence the name.

    What I thnk you need is a programmable backtesting platform (the more programmable the better) that allows you to do more than write strategy code. Then, off the back of the backtest, you could extract the statistics you want assuming you have all of the relevant input data to hand.

    Tradersstudio has good reporting capabilities and is a solid and well regarded research app. I suggest you search the forum for info/reviews/discussion. You should find plenty to inform you...