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  1. Software packages have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to programming. I was wondering which are some of the good software packages that are easy and accurate to program divergences? So, for instance, to programmicaly find divergence between price and RSI, etc.

  2. I can't really recommend you to a software package, but I would say that you can get started using Excel and VBA. Pretty simple stuff, use some "if" statements to identify important swing highs/lows in price action, and do the same for your RSI or stochastic indicator.

    Then just establish the divergence criterion as something like:

    =if (and(previous price maxima <= most recent price maxima, previous stochastic maxima > most recent stochastic maxima, "Negative Divergence Present", (""))

    Just reverse the function to find positive divergences.

    The math for calculating stochs and RSI really isn't tough at all, and I think that everyone who uses indicator/rule based trading needs to know how to manually construct the indicators. It just helps one understand them that much more. I hope this helps.
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    Here the code for bearish divergence, pass this a Oscillator and it will return 1 when it finds divergence. This is code for TradersStudio. You can learn more about TradersStudio at

    'Description: Bearish Divergence
    ' TradersStudio(r) copyright 2004-2007 , All rights reserved
    Function BearishDivergence(Price As BarArray, Oscillator As BarArray, Strength, Length) As BarArray
    Dim Return
    Dim Value1
    Dim Value2
    Dim Value3
    Dim Value4
    Dim Condition1
    Dim Condition2

    Return = 0
    Value1 = 0
    Value2 = 0
    Value3 = 0
    Value4 = 0
    Condition1 = 0
    Condition2 = 0

    Value1 = -1
    Value2 = -1
    Value3 = -1
    Value4 = -1
    Return = 0
    Value1 = SwingHighBar(1, Price, Strength, Length)
    If Value1 > -1 Then
    Value2 = SwingHighBar(2, Price, Strength, Length)
    End If
    If Value2 > -1 Then
    Value3 = SwingHighBar(1, Oscillator, Strength, Length)
    End If
    If Value3 > -1 Then
    Value4 = SwingHighBar(2, Oscillator, Strength, Length)
    End If
    If Value4 > -1 Then
    Condition1 = Price[Value1] > Price[Value2]
    Condition2 = Oscillator[Value3] < Oscillator[Value4]
    If Condition1 And Condition2 Then
    Return = 1
    End If
    End If
    BearishDivergence = Return
    End Function