Software that will crunch the numbers?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by alphastocks, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. A few still use 2000i with say CSI data, but many have in-house systems these days. You see, some got used to the look and feel of 2000i and old habits...
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  2. Pardon my ignorance of p123, but isn't that a web-based platform? And if so, can the p123 guys peek at alphastocks' fundamental part of the strategy?
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  3. Yes in general. I thought that it might be able to be purchased standalone.
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  4. When I started to backtest my hedge fund I went through all the different backtesting programs from tradestation to AMI broker. The two that I found work the best are Genesis and Traders Studio. Out of these 2 I would say I use Traders Studio more for my hedge fund because it is more complex. Traders Studio really helped my hedge fund because I was able to apply advanced money management techniques to my pool of commodities. (not money management to just one market). Also Traders Studio has different levels just like a hedge fund and you combined these levels to make a full hedge fund right in the software. Traders Studio should be going level soon, so you can have your hedge fund with money management set to auto run
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  6. It would be a formidable task to look at all the back testing programs. Out of curiosity, how many did you eventually find?
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  7. I found 2 that I use daily. I have tried around 20 programs. Including some commercial software
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