Software that records market data and replays ?

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  1. Ninjatrader and Multicharts offers this option, any other software that makes this possible ?
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    NxCore does this with full feeds and very cleanly, but that's API-only and quite a bit more expensive. Very nice system, though, if you need full feed(s).
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    Sierra Charts does that. Their backtests are just replays at higher speed... as an aside: they are the only backtester that can take you to tick accuracy afaik.
  4. can you give me the link to download this software?
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  6. thanks, i will try this one and hope that it can give me the accurate figures. :D
  7. NASDAQ Market Replay LITE and PLUS is one of the good software. Try it
  8. the first link seems not good as it is, can you give me the link to download software?
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    QuoteCore Retriever allows to record real-time data provided by IQFeed. It then can be easily imported into popular TA software for backtesting or replaying.
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