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    I have reviewed the software ratings on ET, and being new, I appreciate that so many folks took the time to give feedback on them.

    As I go through them, I am wondering if any give signals / recommend stocks, and how quickly they notify you if they change a recommendation.

    Also, I was monitoring the free version of and their signals, specifically their top 1% signals. Now, the posting of the signals seems like a once a day event. On MOnday, the top 1 percent _bull_l signals were on...

    MLAN, which ended down 5.08%
    ECLP, which ended down 4.13%
    BWINB, which ended down 1.95%
    and finally VIVO, which ended down 0.56%

    The signals were posted in the morning, and when I checked it later shortly after closing, I noticed that barchart changed the top 1% to four winning stocks, all up. But they did this after the market closed and the stocks already rose and it was too late to buy them. They weren't posting signals for Tuesday (today), because today the top stocks are different somewhat.

    I've been watching them for only a week, so does anyone have insight as to what happened? Why the switch?

    Thanks...just trying to learn.

  2. Ensign software has a trading system that is included in their software. You can download the template, and load it on any future (and stock, I think). I have just loaded it on futures thus far. you can play with the settings too (profit target, etc.)
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  4. Remember "late trading" by the mutual funds.
    Except, instead of making trades, they are changing their recommendations !
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    There are several templates, what is the name of the one you are using? Thanks.
  6. many charting programs have unique 'trading system/signal' coding language used to
    program a system, eg code a 5 period Moving Average crossing a 12 period MA which
    could be used on any timeframe from 1min or tick charts up to Monthly, an Up arrow will
    display on the chart when the cross occurs. some programs allow the user's portfolio to
    be searched for all instruments where the signal has appeared, when the MAs re-cross
    a Down arrow will appear, some programs also allow a sound signal alert

    eg this site is for MetaStock code:!-MSZ-index-en.html
    click on a letter, most code is for Indicators but scroll down to 'Trading Systems' and
    'Expert Advisors' to see charts of various Buy/Sell signals

    some programs can 'B/S criteria' search for instruments matching the criteria
    not familiar with Barchart — not a stocky but know there are several sites that provide
    'criteria' type 'signals'
    'trading system/signals' appear after whereas 'criteria' appear before since generally it's
    looking for 'setups'
  7. I believe Timmay is coming out with a short biased singla giving software.

    It educates and entertains as well.

    It is going to be expensive, but for some reason, as I imagine only he can explain to you, it will be worth it.

    It's not like I know the whole story anyway.
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    Thank you all for your input.