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    Is there a third party software that executes through IB that allows me to enter a list of orders spreadsheet style, with attached stops and profit targets? I'd need the stops and profit target to be derived from some formula (i.e. % from entry price). I don't mind if its something similar to a basket order, where everything on the page is transmitted with a single click.

    IB Excel DDE does half of what I need, unfortunately, it can't fetch Open prices (yea, stupid right?) and bracket orders must be done manually after the parent order is keyed in.

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    You can do that with Amibroker.
  3. The SVM system is actually working well for the IB contest. So I guess that's a yes on ML algorithms. You can always control overfitting by using regularization (to penalize "complex" models) or by using crossvalidation.
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    you can use SierraCharts - very good charting program that I am trying.
    It has embedded workbooks for non C++ programmers. If you know you Excel then you are at home with the SC charts.
    Good Luck with it
  5. I run a robot using Amibroker to control IB. The data feed itself comes from IB into Amibroker, so it's neat (2 systems instead of 3). This is a very low cost solution - Amibroker is under $300 and if you get your data from IB then that's free.
  7. there are so many soft ware with this keyword. don't know which is best for me :D
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    I use Amibroker to figure out the orders I want to submit. I transfer the output to Excel. I get the bid/ask and the open in excel through XLQ and IQFEED. I think XLQ uses RTD rather than DDE so it is very fast with a lot of symbols. I used to submit orders directly from Excel using TWSLINK. For some reason, I could not get TWSLINK to submit orders as rapidly as the IB Basket so I now transfer the orders from Excel to the IB Basket and use the IB Basket to submit initial orders. Excel through TWSLINK reads whatever positions I end up with and then Excel automatically submits targets and stops. It's a Rube Goldberg arrangement and it is a lot of tedious programming but it works ok.