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  1. Baron

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    Members now have the ability to rate the various trading platforms available.

    The list is comprised primarily of products that function on a real-time basis. There are countless end-of-day programs made by private developers which have been excluded from the list on purpose. We just wanted the focus to be more on the trader-oriented real-time tools than on the delayed ones. In addition, any software that must be used through a web browser has been left out, so the focus is more on the higher-end windows-based or java-based products.

    With that said, the current list of software doesn't include everything available that meets the criteria I set above, so if you know of something significant that has been left out, let me know. However, I would prefer that you only let me know of missing software that you have had personal experience with. In other words, if you can't rate it yourself, don't suggest it.

    I look forward to reading some of your ratings, as I'm curious myself to see how others view certain software packages.
  2. Rigel


    Get error message for Software and Book Reviews

    An error occurred while evaluating the expression:
    user_agent = #HTTP_USER_AGENT#
    Error near line 3, column 7. ..............
  3. Baron

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    What web browser and operating system are you using?
  4. Would you add Dynamic Trader to the list of software reviews?
  5. Baron

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    Dynamic Trader has now been added.
  6. DT-waw


    Hhhh... i don't see software reviews anywhere on the site ...

    what's the address?

    i'm using IE 5.00, Win2000

  7. ddefina


    Ditto, can't find the software review???:)
  8. Baron

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  9. DT-waw


    here's a shot from my screen in a file.
    i dont know why menu at the top has irregular font....
  10. Baron

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    Hit the refresh button on your browser. If that doesn't work, shut your browser down and then restart it. That should fix the menu above.
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