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  1. I currently have the following:

    Trading account at IB
    Account at Tradestation along w/ Tradestation 8.1

    Because Tradestation doesn't have a market scanner I use AmiBroker to program scans using EOD data to look for certain patterns (such as volume breakouts, etc). and then come up w/ a short list of stocks that I want to "watch" intraday for intraday for a "buy" signal.

    Maybe I don't quite know how to use the software well enough but I am finding it difficult to automate the intraday using my current products.

    Tradestation allows you to easily attach a strategy to a chart and have it issue buy/sell signals but then I'd have to set up and open one chart for each signal and set it up, which is time-consuming. Although they have their radarscreen to the best of my knowledge it can not issue buy/sells w/o using their macros (I havn't tried them).

    I can set up AmiBroker to an intraday source but it's "scanner" can only do as low as 1 minute increments and not smaller.

    Anyway, two questions:

    Do any of you use any good intraday tools where you can program a set of criteria on a small (say < 200) list of stocks and have it execute buys/sells on its own when certain programmed criteria are met?

    Also, if you are doing this w/ one of my tools I'd love to know.


  2. Have you been looking at Wealth-lab ?
  3. I would also recommend wealth-lab but if you live in the US or Canada you must become a Fidelity customer to use it. Outside the US and you're fine however....
  4. Yes, Investor RT.

    Their info on autotrader interface:

    You can run scans, backtests, trading signals, etc. on a large list of stocks. The developers have recently added an interface with IB for auto trading. Contact them at with your questions.
  5. I looked at both of these in the past and they looked like good products but I didn't realize that they could watch a list of stocks intraday and execute trades based on criteria.

    I like AmiBroker quite a bit for EOD but intraday is a little clunky because you can only scan/trade on a one minute or higher basis unless you do some workarounds...

    I'll take a look at them.

  6. Although I’ve never used it, TradeStation has RadarScreen, which can be used intraday, and EOD. Its uses any TradeStation indicator, so it is programmable. It's major limitation is that it can only be used with 800 (?) symbols at a time. But I understand that one can have multiple symbol lists.

    Another alternative for EOD scanning is TC2000:
  7. Thanks. I do have Tradestation but the problem is that you CAN program the radarscreen to generate alerts but you can only attach buy/sell actions to individual charts (which I think is dumb) so unless you want to get into writing macros or using macros you can't trade based on the radarscreen as best as I understand it.

  8. autocorr


    Writing macros in Tradestation is very easy. That is why they call the programming language easylanguage. Quantdeveloper is great but more for real nerds. For easy minded people like me TS is good enough.