Software recommendation to track option portfolio ?

Discussion in 'Options' started by optionfolio, May 14, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I'm using options as part of my over all investment portfolio
    but find it complicated simply to track. For example,
    instead of buying a stock, I'll do either long a call, short a put,
    buying the position, or combination (complicated). To track it,
    I need to record trading date, strike price, expiration date,
    position size etc.. I need to track when my position expires,
    the current values etc.. on a daily basis to make trading decision,
    if ther is any.

    Currently I write my own spreadsheet. Each trade
    requires tens of keystrokes to record. Although it is very
    flexibile (I could do whatever I want), it is a bit time consuming.
    I have looked around to find a proper trading software that
    might fit my need, but haven't got good luck. The closest I
    found is "OTrader". However, it is way too complicated to set
    up and hard to make it update price automatically. PSM (Personal Stock Monitor) is a good stock investment software,
    but doesn't handle option specific parameters (strike, expiration date, type, forget about analysis).

    Does anyone have recommendation on the software you use
    to track option trading ?

    Many thanks !!