'Software on Android phones 'tracking every key stroke''

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  1. by Katherine Rushton, Media, Technology and Telecoms Editor 10:30pm 30/11/11
    "Software installed on millions of Android phones is thought to be secretly
    tracking every key stroke, Google search, and text message by their users
    it has been claimed.
    An Android app developer in America has posted a video showing what he claims
    is 'conclusive proof' that 'Carrier IQ' software installed by manufacturers of many
    US phones record the way those phone are used in real time, as well as their
    geographic locations.
    Carrier IQ has claimed that the software only tracks information for the benefit of
    users, not for any spying purposes, and that it is “counting and summarising”
    information rather than recording it.
    However, in a YouTube video posted on Monday, the developer, Trevor Eckhart,
    did a “factory reset” on his Android phone, returning it to the condition in which it
    is shipped to customers, and linked it to a computer screen which allegedly
    displayed what the Carrier IQ software was tracking.
    The demonstration showed that the software read every keystroke put into the
    phone, as well as every text message sent to it. It also appeared to log location
    data, and transmit this to Carrier IQ." - more:
  2. search around and you'll find ways to detect it and remove it. not a trivial task to remove it, but it is possible.

    fucking bastards.
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    don't be evil my ass. i never trust those fags and their "free" shit since day one. SSDD

    ever use their picasa or their photo service? i'm absolutely certain that they do use face recognition software. you are tracked no matter where you are with or without your phone...combine this with "Driver’s License Information/Photo ID Card Information
    (Facial Recognition Technology)" implemented at every driver license center,fingerprints are taken at banks tellers desk..you get the picture.. there is no liberty,no privacy and certainly no democracy left in this country
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    Android, apple, whatever, do you think any of these companies aren't trying to get away with something as long as they can? Cripes, peoples acceptance of tech is frighteneing to me. I maybe the most anti tech tech lover of all time. Do I really have to think about what the POS hacker of Windows, or Apple( yea you are a complete Apple moron if you think no one is hacking you), FIrefox, my cell phone, etc? Yea I do, welcome to the real world. Put nothing on the net you don't want out there or isn't protected. Credit cards offer some degree of protection, but the whole idea of paying with your cell phone is just 100% assine. Do you really think you won't pay for all the jerk offs that will hack your account info? Stupid is as stupid does. How prophetic.
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    Ever watch the show Person of Interest on Thursday nights on CBS? Where did they come up with the idea for this show? The real world, of course. Everywhere you go, every thing you type, and every thing you say is being recorded.

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    nah..screw TV.."freedom Watch" is depressing enough for me

    btw-another fine example of US politicians at work-


    pizza now officially a vegetable in US. approved and signed by congress and president. only to favor food production companies that producing this junk. fuck the children and their health,right, Mr President?
  8. get an iphone :cool:
  9. wouldnt it be helpful to understand who to get angry with? regulators wanted to move a tiny bit in the right direction and the republican congress stopped them:

    US Congress this week blocked USDA proposals that would have mandated more tomato sauce on pizzas for US school lunches to justify pizza's designation as a vegetable portion. Photograph: Linda Nylind/The Guardian
    Hey, America! The GOP is, yet again, looking out for you. This week, Congress took a break from voting to make sure none of your tax dollars will go to all those abortion clinics NPR wants to open in our national parks, to pass a federal law that only the nation that invented Febreze would tolerate.

    They have affirmed that pizza is a vegetable. Yes, the tomato sauce on pizza is enough for American politicians to define it and allow it to be served as a vegetable in school lunch programs across the US.

    Okay, pizza is not actually a vegetable. Delicious, yes. But vegetable? Nope. The scant serving of tomato paste in school lunch pizza does, however, count as one half-cup serving of vegetables, thanks to the final version of the House-Senate agriculture spending bill.

    The USDA was hoping to change that, though. Under a proposed rule, a vegetable serving of tomato paste would have to be a whole one half-cup serving, not two tablespoons, as it is now.

    But, opponents of the rule argued, that would render a slice of pizza inedible. “It would basically be swimming in tomato sauce,” said Corey Henry, vice president of communications at the American Frozen Food Institute. “No school kid in his right mind would want to eat that.”

    Rightfully so. Henry told TPM that tomato paste is a “nutritiously dense” food. “It’s a mischaracterization to say there’s no nutritional value in that slice of pizza,” Henry said, adding that the USDA’s efforts essentially were trying to rid school lunches of pizza.


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