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    would someone give me a little advice. getting ready to build a trading machine. more or less entry level. 4 monitors maybe. i don't know what version windows to use and which is the best processor, video card,etc. actually i don't know that much about computers which is probably pretty obvious by now. if someone would give me some advice i sure would be grateful. thanks alot.
  2. It seems that you may be overcomplicating your trading. After years of losses, I discovered the the KISS principle worked best for me.

    Keep It Sweet and Simple. I use one one monitor (one computer) for my one chart, and a second monitor (2nd computer) for my trading platform.

    I feel more comfortable with two separate computers running in case one crashes the other can do immediate double duty.

    Result, low stress, high income.
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    I'd spend at least a month studying up on hardware before deciding what to get. I know I spend over a month just planning out a new system (and I'm pretty technical)

    Got three more-or-less newbie places to hang out. All of these places have info articles and forums for questions/comments: (has suggested systems) (Be sure to check out the Hot Deals forum)

    Also, when it comes time to buy those components, check out:

    Finally, check out eBay. The auction site is frequently overpriced (overauctioned?), particularly on popular items. A lot of bidders are apparently unaware of Pricewatch. It's a great place to dump old gear. :D
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    thanks for your reply and info, really appreciate it. dave
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    Go with Lian-Li. When I was building my last box (and still working at MSFT), I asked around about cases. The strongest answer I got back from all the "home builders" was to go with Lian-Li. It's a bit more expensive, but they are precision cases. You'll be happy to pull one apart and upgrade it. My newest one is a full tower alum, I think it cost just under $100 including S&H across the country.

    Much better than the POS Enlight thing I got :(.