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  1. I am calculating the NAV of the SWH ETF and I am getting a NAV of about 33.80 while the ETF is trading at 35.80. I have double checked the weighting and everything seems correct. Does anyone have any insight on this? The index quote I am getting through Tradestation ($XWH.X) is also trading around 35.80.

  2. Index ETF

    SWH - HOLDRS Software

    Pricing Info As Of: 05/27/2005
    Closing NAV: $36.03
    Closing Share Price: $36.03
  3. Yes, I forgot to mention that the NAV on the websites are the same as the ETF price as well, but what I am saying is that I am taking the weightings from and and calculating them myself in a spreadsheet, and I am getting a number that looks about $2 less after dividing by the 100 share creation unit size. This has been the case for several days with SWH. All other ETFs I track line up fine.

    I can't figure it out.