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    Presently I am a day trader, swing trader, and investor. I am handling family accounts via IB, and a few via Fidelity and need software help. I have 10 accounts from brokerages to IRA's for various family members, my charting software is TC2K for scanning and at the present using TC2K for alerts on dividends, interests etc (manual method added to the charts as notes) I am using Sierra for my daily trading and in many cases setting up stop losses based on 3 minute charts. The charting aspect isn't a problem, although alerts is an issue when opening markets sometimes means cannot keep up with all the indications.

    At any given day I have equities from stocks, bdc's, reits, cef's, and muni's. I am no longer involved in Futures since constant monitoring is affecting performance for the other accounts, plus don't need the brain damage, I have enough handling
    I am looking for possibly CSV data that will provide keeping up with the various dividend dates, quarterly or monthly, and added inputs for myself for wash sale reminders (30day's etc, if non profitable) The IRA's isn't a problem with wash sales but 5 brokerages are and overall handling around 50 equities.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank You
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    I am finishing off some software for running my own fund. Looks like we might have similar requirements running several accounts, data etc. PM me with a bit more info and I'll see if my stuff handles what you want or can be added. Will send you a copy of the completed software if it does.