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  1. Are there any reccomendations for a simple effective software package for trade management. At the moment I use excel and keep daily records though other suggestions are welcome
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    Would you like to backtest different trade management strategies?
  3. How about Quicken or Microsoft Money?
  4. Thank you for suggestions
    The DNA and traderStudio look a little advanced. I have no need for backtesting , more for a simple record of what actually occurred.
    Quicken might be ok, though seems more like for a small business
    So far I have found:
    though it does not impress me much when it comes to actual use
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    I now use 'see finance'. The only software i have ever use that imports accurately ib ofx files.
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    I switched to TraddingProDiary. It automatically downloads IB trades and is really dedicated to trade management so provide usefull information for system analysis. I should have bought à software like this years ago.
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    I have a working (but not de-bugged) Google Documents spreadsheet that takes a trades list and does the basic job of grouping trades by symbols. It calculates pNL by trade, the equity curve, open positions,etc, all using Javascript. It's probably similar to what you have in Excel. If you can correct and customize simple code (I am not a programmer) it could be useful to you.

    There's also software you can use. TraderDiaryPro seems good and can download your trades from IB (if that's your broker). I use QuantShare 's portfolio plug-in. QS is an overkill (it's avdanced backtesting software) but the price is good. It will take a csv and return equity curve, stats, etc.