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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TOM134, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. TOM134


    Does anyone know of any programs that tracks how well a trader performs buying and selling.

    I'm aware of:

    but I don't know how much $ it costs nor the quality of its reports, etc.

    Any info and personal experience with such programs would be appreciated.


  2. Chk out Adler's blog here
  3. giladbi


    It's good only for futures trading
    not for stocks / multiply assets


    Yes, only futures. No equities, forex or options.

    I'm a Director at TraderDNA and co-creator of our trade analyzer. In response to this recent thread and the curiosity about TraderDNA, I'll post here and provide some basic information about what our stuff does. We are in the process of developing a new web site and so there is limited information there.

    The trader inputs into our program basic fill data retrieved from his front-end software. We take the data and perform our own calculations and then sort data elements and calculations derived from those elements in different ways, and create interpretable visual arrangements of that data (tables, bar charts, line charts, cumulative line charts, equity curves, scattergrams, shape of trade)

    The result is the trader is able to easily see and quickly interpret what happened in a designated period of his trading.

    We measure basic elements such as P/L, Quantity, and also other complex measures such as the amount of risk/profit opportunity seen in open positions, number of times/quantity added to losers, time in and between certain types of trades, lost profit opportunity and more.

    The real value is being able to group sets of trades together by category (market, hour of day, Long/Short, LotSize, Day of Week, Winning/Losing trades, Winning/Losing Days, etc. and look for where the greatest differences exist.

    I'm happy to answer any questions or provide examples of the analysis via private message but I must be careful what I post publicly here because we are not currently sponsoring this site.