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  1. I've done research about white box software program that analyze historical data and discover high profitability patterns (excluding chart patterns) and I have found three different classes:

    1. Neural network based. Example: Price about $1,200 for EOD.

    2. Genetic programming based. Example: Price in the 60k range and I can't afford it at this point.

    3. Data mining based, Example: Price about $1,200 but no charting, just a search engine and one must use Tradestation or Metastock or Welath-lab for that. Limited to price patterns.

    Has anyone used any of those programs? Any comments or suggestions regarding them or any other programs?

  2. frankl


    Hi Bill,

    honestly i must admit, that i didn't check out these applications, but as i am in contact with the german developers of "VectorBull", i assume to have a look on it.

    It scans historical data for new patterns, a backtesting engine is also included to verify the results, when trading these patterns.
    They have two versions, an EOD version for stocks and a realtime version for futures.

    Frank :cool:
  3. This looks like a black box that provides signals based on chart analysis. I'm interested in white box systems only.

    There are not too many white boxes out there. IMO never buy a black box, you're wasting your money.