Software for papertrading and real-life?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jazz, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. jazz



    I'm looking for a trading tool that works both as a simulator and as a real-live tool.
    I hope to learn the mechanics of trading and then move on to trying out various strategies both in simulator and in real life.

    - A tool that can be used for entire trading career

    - I don't have an IB account.

    - The tool should be representitive of what the majority of tools act and feel like. (not good -> cyberX2 had a horrible interface)

    - Would be willing to pay for a real-time service

    - Probably will start with E-Minis (as suggested in previous threads)

    - Simulator works after closing of markets

    One more question...

    Is QuoteTracker a solid all-in-one solution? Does it have simulator capabilities?

    Currently I've been using SpeedTrader Pro although my 5 day trial is running out. ;)

    Thanks for any suggestions or experiences.