Software for Manual Intraday Backtesting

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  1. Does anyone know of a charting program that you can use to manually backtest with intraday data. I have years of intraday data for emini futures at 1 to 5 minute intervals. I can read the data one bar at a time with SierraChart. In order to practice trading I'll scroll through the data one bar at a time and write down manually where I would have bought and sold. However it would be nice to have a charting program where you could scroll through the data one bar at a time and simulate buy and sell orders with the computer. Gecko charts has something like this but you can't bring your own intraday data into the program, you have to use the daily data supplied by them.
  2. What does your intraday data look like? ASCII CSV?
  3. i have downloaded some of that data files and i got some my ascii files and seems like globalsevrer imports the intraday data files but when i check the actually saved data - no tick data, no intraday data......

    therefore i was unable to plot any chart with intra-day resolution

    does anybody know if i do something wrong or is this a global server problem ?

    is any software in world which can solve this ?
  4. H2O


    Take a look at

    I use it and if you're interested I have a program for sale at a very good price (It is my second one but since I now only trade from home, I don't need two)

    It can import almost every data (I also downloaded from traders2traders) and You can program your system into it. Then once this is done, you can go back and forward bar by bar and the software will show you the entries / exits

    Hope this helps
  5. thanks but i wanna work with tradestation, and i meant the software WHICH WILL LET WORK GLOBAL SERVER WITH INTRADY ASCII data.

    does anybody know about any of it ?
  6. Sorry but I don't remember the details but I would just take any of the files at "traders2traders" into Microsoft Excel. From that program it was relatively easy to manipulate the files, parse them etc. and then save it in a format that I could read with SierraChart.
  7. i know that tssupport compnay released such software. i haven`t time to check it in details, but seems this is the most powerful product at the market for the moment (i mean intraday/global sever 2000i issues).

    does anybody know if demo provided ? i was not able to find it on the site.

    does anybody have any experience regarding this software ?