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    Sorry to post this question once again.

    I have an account with IB, and I mainly trade index and commodity futures.
    I have started to trade options (on CL, ZW for example), and I need a specialized software to set-up and follow my options strategies, like OptionVue, but cheaper if possible.
    I have tried VOptions, but it deals only with stock options.
    It seems Option Gear is also only for stock options.

    I'd like to find a software that can download the real option data (end-of-day) either directly or through my IB account.
    It seems Gecko software's Track n' Trade could do it, but I am not sure its Options add-on is really good.

    I will really really appreciate any advice from you!

    Thank you

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    Years ago I took a look at Gecko's Track n Trade options add-in. It was unbelievably terrible. The implied volatilities and greeks of all the options were calculated inaccurately - absurdly so. It was even worse with the Eurodollar options as the developer apparently didn't understand the most basic facts of how that contract is designed.

    In a helpful spirit I called and spoke to their chief software developer and tried to explain how the ED contract is designed and why their greeks and IVs were way off. The guy went ballistic, screamed at me abusively and sputtered like a madman. Touchy, touchy. I never got a chance to explain that in fact ALL their greeks and IV calculations needed fixing.

    Like I said that was a few years ago and the problems may have been solved by now. I did like the futures charting software as it provided data going way way back and was very user friendly. But options are really not their strong suit.

    Look into the Hoadley package, which might answer all your needs. It will download settlement prices from numerous sources including your IB account into an Excel spreadsheet, and provides add-in option functions so you can pretty much do whatever you want with the data.
  3. thinkorswim, don't know if you can download EOD data but you can just simulate your option legs in their risk profile. you can enter the price you paid, expiration, etc.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I have been to Hoadley website.
    Seems great. At this stage, I think it's more or less what I need to work better, with my IB account.