Software for dial-up???

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  1. Hi All,

    I am in need of some software and/or services to fit my particular trading situation. I am hoping there are some of you with experience in having to deal with a dial-up connection can lend me some insight and hopefully point me in the right direction.

    I have been trading equities for 3 years now with a Scottrade account. I make 8 to 30 trades a month and hold my positions for 2 to 20 days. The Scottrade account has sufficed this novice up to this point, but due to changes in life circumstances and changes in my trading strategies I am also looking for a new broker. I posted in the Retail Brokers forum in the link below:

    If any of you are kind enough to take the time, read through it, and offer any constructive advice, I would greatly appreciate it as well.

    Since August of last year, my job requires me to travel a lot. Therefore, it makes little sense to have anything more than a dial-up ISP thats fairly portable. I am sometimes required to work in remote locations throughout the US and do not have a choice of accommodations. Sometimes simply access to a phone jack is all I have.

    I am in need of a stock screener and some means of charting. Up to this point, I have been using free services like Yahoo and Reuters to screen with and limited charting on Yahoo, Qcharts and Clearstation (just data for the charts and having to print and study by hand the rest of the time). Although real time data would be extremely nice, I can grit and bear it and simply do without. I've gone this long without it (you can hardly call Scottrade's data real time, such as it is), but its hard to advance my continued self-education without it.

    For screening purposes, I mostly use fundamental data, mainly EPS, %Growth, return on equity, as well as RSI and price/volume change. For charting, I use MACD, EMA, WMA, RSI, Stochastics, OBV, and Accumulation/Distribution. I am learning more and more every day and developing changes in strategy in hopes of maturing and improving my skills and knowledge.

    An “all-in-one” deal would be extremely nice, but I am realistic in my expectations considering the dial-up situation. Basically, my considerations “bang-for-the-buck”, along with the potential for growth, is ideal.

    With the above background info and my limitations in mind I am seeking answers for the following:

    Should I just give up on any packages that would require data downloads and just go with a browser based services?

    If so, what service would best provide what I need and not charge me for things I don't need or wouldn't use?

    If not, what software package(s) would allow me to do what I need without over-taxing my limited bandwidth?

    Is real time data realistic to expect?

    Thank you in advance to those of you that would provide me with any helpful insight.