software for bid ask analysis?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by roib007, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. roib007


    Anyone know a good software for bid ask analysis?

    Free or paid.
  2. huchonok


    Can you specify what exactly software do you need?
  3. bone

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    There is so much spoofing and order crossing and gaming in terms of the bid / ask - especially off-hours. What makes you think that there is a tangible and repeatable edge there ?

    Ask some electronic fixed income traders about Harris Brumfield and Paul Rotter.
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  5. 2rosy


    is bid/ask analysis less important than last trade? imo, i like looking at the market rather than last trade
  6. bone

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    Price trumps all.

    We get paid on price.
  7. maxpi


    trades that filled at the ask or the bid are not about spoofing..
  8. Kirkx


    As pointed out in the post above, the OP is most likely talking about "trades filled at bid / trades filled at ask" analysis. It has been popular with index futures scalpers for the last few years. Some data feeds, like DTN IQfeed, offer this information with their tick data, both live and backfill. Here is some software to consider.

    Market Delta: they call it "footprint" charts, I think.

    SierraChart: they call it "number bars".

    Ninja Trader: ?
    Multicharts: ?
    eSignal: ?