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    Hello all:

    I am a software engineer with over 12 years of experience most of which in the securities industry.

    I am open to partnering with a trader or group of traders to create an automated trading system or enhance the one you may already have.

    I offer integrity, commitment and skill and expect the same from you.

    You may see my profile on

    Please respond with serious inquiries only to victor.olex @ or follow-up in this thread.


  2. heres a free system for you...

    suppose at the roulette table you can only bet on black or red and this table had only those colors.

    figure out what the smallest amount that can be bet at that table and place your bet on a single color, if you loose you must double your bet till you win but always betting on the same color till you win.

    suppose the minimum bet was 1 dollar.

    1 1
    2 2
    3 4
    4 8
    5 16
    6 32
    7 64
    8 128
    9 256
    10 512
    11 1024

    now pick a support/resistance level on a longer term timeframe, everytime it crosses it you must reverse in the direction of the cross but each time you must double your quantity traded. What eventually happens is that the price 'escapes' out of that zone and doesnt look back.

    The take profit point, is the price plus the cost of the previous crossovers + commission + the premium desired (double your cost)..

    its easier to do it in the currency market during a volatile session when macro markets in general are unidirectional. Since scaling in and out is easier