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  1. Can someone tell me how much I can expect to pay for development of a stand alone program?

    Basically it would go like this : Manual entry....then I release a group of OCO orders thru the application to my front end.

    A - Sell stop mkt when (issue) goes bid (price).
    B - Sell limit @(price).
    C - If nothing done by (time), cancel open orders and sell at mkt.

    All (variables) will be adjustable prior to release.

    Rough idea as to $$$? Hourly charges..flat rate? I have never commissioned a project like.

    I am aware of regular OCO`s built in...etc They are useless for the issues I trade as the inside moves points without printing.
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    The functionalities that you have described is simple. There are alot of other issues to take into consideration.

    Example, the data quote connectivity and the platform used e.g. in Excel or Java, any preferences.

  3. Hi Gonz,

    This is where a pro comes in. Because frankly...I just trade. Start to get in tech jargon and i`m lost. For what is person told me that the platform i`m using for this system (OpenE-cry) excel was not the way to go. Said "stand alone" was probably the best bet.
  4. The concept of the system sounds simple, but if you dont understand some top-level software development concepts then you will need a rockstar of a developer to get this one completed.

    My experience with developers is this........If you give them VERY specific rules (i.e. Buy 100 shares of GOOG when this situation occurs) then most developers can handle it. Most developers dont seem to be very creative & figure things out on their own.

    If you cannot put the concepts into absolute black & white and describe how to handle exceptions & errors then you may be getting into a much larger project than you want. A good start would be to write out a very specific rule set for everything that the system requires for 100 trades and then you should be well on your way to figuring out how hard it is to code the thing.

  5. Thats not what I want to hear Eric. :-D

    Thanks for the reply!

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    Market conditions may change, you need to adjust, add some features but your individual developer will no longer be available. Why not try with the software company?
  8. Thats a really good idea. Pretty sure i`m not the only one that would like to trigger trades based on the inside mkt.

  9. I agree with this. There are lots of fly by night developers & lots of them that want to learn to trade but I wouldn't use one of them as they generally seem to be unreliable.

    If you are trading through OEC (I am as well) then you should be able to get something written in OpenQuant that will be fairly easy to write & wont be re-inventing everything.
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