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    I am considering to develop a software for personal use which would use real time market data or with delay(5-15 min)(depending on costs) and it would
    do the following:

    1. It would have to have possibility to scan market and report the results based on my custom input.
    2. Ability to save those custom inputs as presents for later use.For example:

    average daily volume>500k, NASD, price>5-10$, current volume>average daily volume, 5min UP vs 5 min 1 bar ago or scan market and find current price>moving average 20 (5min)

    3.Assign red/green colour for the stock, based on different time frames. Not only daily, but 5 min, 15 min 1h and so on.

    4. Couple more custom things.

    Whats the best way to achieve all this?

    The way I think is that i need to find real time data feed provider and then to find some software developer who can program all this.

    How much that could possibly cost? real time data feed/software developer?

    If you can develop all this please write me a message so we could discuss terms.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Yeah, it would cost you time & money. IMHO Test drive the programs already on the market. Who knows maybe you'll find that stuff you need.
  3. As for real time data feed you will need a feed API which also might be not free.
  4. I guess best way for you open TradeStation account and depends on your condition do all things inside TradeStation or with help 3rd party software.
  5. OptionVue supports custom RT scans as you described... it's powerful software.
  6. I'm a software engineer and have thought of this myself. The conclusion - could not justify the expense and investment in time to develop when there are off the shelf products available.

    Aside from the development effort, the data is extremely expensive. Check out for financial data through xml web services. It's about $600/month for real-time.

    I have thought of using VecotrVest. You could export to csv file and then write software to import to a database and run analytics. The export would have to be a manual process so you couldn't do this real-time - it would be more like end of day...

    Any thoughts?

    try the swingtracker...or something in that nature
  8. You can get real time streaming data service with API for far less than $600 per month. eg Interactive Brokers which is free aside from exchange fees on some exchanges - limited to 100 symbols. is all but free. If they ever get it to work reliably, it looks very promising. And there are the more established providers such as DTN, eSignal etc. might be seen as OK if you are constructing some sort of financial web site. But I'd rule it out pretty quickly for anything else. It seems it is INET only, polled (not streaming) and XML based. The latter two completely rule it out for serious real time work.
  9. You could buy software components and hire a programmer: <a href=""></a>
  10. To reiterate what others have said. Look at existing off-the-shelf products that may do what you need it to.

    Interactive Brokers has a market scanner which comes free (100 symbol limit) which should be able to scan for most of your criteria. Alternatively, you can feed the scan results into Excel via DDE (there are free tools to allow you to do this) and then you can further refine the scan.

    Another product to look at is NeoTicker from TickQuest. It can do the highlighting of symbols etc. based on custom indicator criteria etc. It is >$1000 for the realtime version if I recall correctly and works with various data feeds.

    Actually, this page from TickQuest, though not complete has a fairly good break down of data feed options and pricing:

    Also, have a look at products like Amibroker.

    You're requirements as stated are not that difficult to fulfil....except when it comes to no. 4) A couple more custom things - that is a programmers worst nightmare!
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