software DayRaider 1.1 by Stuart Kidney ?

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  1. Has anyone used "DayRaider 1.1" trading software by Stuart Kidney from websites "" and or "" ?

    The software sounds very good it seems.. Does anyone have any thoughts , experiences with it or opinions on it ? Or am I wasting my money if I use it ?

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  3. I am serious.. I am a newbie and I wanted feedback.. Good or Bad.. I have been reading this site for a while and before I spend a cent I wanted some feedback..

    If it is crap I am in all favor of that info being posted here..

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  5. I used his system pre dayraider. I think it was called emini raider at that time. I learned about futures from him. I think he is a decent teacher. I don't think he educates you fully and that will get you confused if you don't have the background in futures. As for the system, I lost money using it. It was confusing and I lost faith in it quickly. If I were him, I would allow my students to watch me trade. He does not do this!! He has interesting concepts about institutional traders. Lastly, he charges way less than he used to, so it may be worth trying. Again, we wary of actually trading. If you can take the non stop right wingedness that he spouts all the time, sign up and try it. Oh btw. I trade on my own using MAs mostly and am doing pretty darn good. I can say he introduced me to the world of futures. That's about it.
  6. Did you do your homework as requested by me Vrtrop22? That's one of the reasons why you struggled. Did you backtest the trades and plot your paper trades? No, never saw any.

    My old platform and my new platform have paper trading modes so you can try out the methodology without risking a dime.

    All current clients see me call out trades during "live demo's" before they sign up. DayRaider 1.1 is 100% graphical, so the learning curve should be pretty short.

    DayRaider 1.1 runs on a "no cost" platform and it is much simplier and 100% graphical. For some reason Tradestation could not accomplish this. That's why I switched.

    Also, I found out from past clients that only the ones that can memorize about ten terms and plot them historically on old charts are the ones that will succeed.

    People say that are teachable and they say they will put in an hour of study for 3 or 4 weeks, but I can't force them.

    I give them unlimited support for the time they pay and excellent training materials (streaming Flash videos, a Forum showing EXACT trade setups and simple documentation) and a methodology that is timed within 5 minutes of the actual reversal time (which can be backtested ad finitum).

    Daytrading via technical analysis requires"memorization" of 4 buy setups and 4 sell setups.

    --- even if the methodology was 100% automated, you still have to memorize a couple simple concepts ----

    You have to backtest the past trades to know what you are looking at presently. Memorization is key, unless you pay your dues, you will not succeed in netting 100 to 400 mini Dow points per session. That can be done consistently before Noon ET with DayRaider 1.1 then off to the golf course or the marina the rest of the day.

    One of the negatives of running things on Tradestation is that it was an expensive project to create and support, so people had to shell out a bunch of bucks per month. This put a bunch of pressure on clients to learn it quickly or drop out.

    This new project is much simpler, 100% graphical, very low cost and the "kindergarden trades" that you can take on the very first day are posted right on the Forum for DayRaider 1.1.

    --- guys, I can't make it any easier than that. Name me a vendor that reduced prices by 75% and puts out a better product..and it's guaranteed to work every day. And it can be backtested immediately upon installation.

    There are some people that want it to fall into their lap and some that will actually backtest the trades...if you don't backtest the trades you won't succeed. Just taking the "kindergarden trades" will outperform anything out there, but if you don't do a couple weeks of backtesting homework, it's not going to fall out of the sky for you.

    The blog has a couple current economic/political posts, so new clients know what they are going to talk to a tolerant, happy high income person that realizes that liberal Democrats (Clinton buddy Franklin Raines stole $100 million from us) ran Fannie and Freddie into the $1 trillion dollar ditch and those mean Republicans [haha] tried to reform it before Fannie and Freddie failed.

    I'm glad you're doing well vrtrop22!

    DayRaider 1.1:D
  7. I will admit the methodology just did not click for me. I guess in life one must find their own path. I will accept your criticisms as valid. I am just telling how it went down for me. I had some limited discussions with some of your past students that struggled as well. Their story seemed very similar to mine. On the whole for the prices that you have now, I would probably encourage someone new to the futures world to invest the time in your course/methodology. Hopefully come Nov. 4, the country will put the GOP out of its misery and allow you guys to do some soul searching. I think Obama can pick off the moderate wing of the GOP for the democrats for elections to come.
  8.'s a lot easier now; you are in a go-no go situation about 18 times a day; if you miss a trade, you can literally turn off your monitor and come back 'x' minutes later and there will be a continuation trade or a reversal can set your watch by it during equity trading hours.

    The "DayTraders Reversal" has been racking up 80 to 250 points a day - you know the time and the objective of the trade. You just sit and wait for it.

    You better hope Obama doesn't get in office, daytraders will be in the 50%+ tax bracket; FICA + MEDICARE + 39% top marginal rate, with no ceiling on FICA/MEDICARE. Currerntly we pay almost 20% less taxes..and we still get nothing for our money, imo.

    If you have trading losses, Uncle Sam won't let you deduct more than 3k.

    DayRaider 1.1
  9. DayRaider 1.1 was upgraded to version DayRaider 2.2 recently;

    After completing Module I, Module II and then paper trading DayRaider (Module III) a few weeks, here's some feedback at the following link;

    Attached find a FAQ I put together a few months ago.

    It's been about a 12 yr journey to get some daytrading software that works day in and day out -- first it was NASDAQ stocks, then futures into a 'live pit' and finally the e-mini Dow contract. The math works on the Mini Russell, DAX and currency pairs -- a fun project and I met some nice people along the way and always got to do the 2 things I Love

    > daytrade
    > develop information/data systems

    My opinion?

    Many of you guys WANT to trade but are unwilling to follow basic rules to be successful. None of this is hard, but it DOES require organization, some discipline and humility.

    It really doesn' t matter what you think; what matters is you trade WITH the Institutional Traders that control these markets. The Institutions use the same math over and over in their key reversals.

    After talking to you guys the last couple years, I'd say 2% have what it takes to be a high performance trader, the others are following a pipe dream - the 97.5% lack basic discipline to follow a couple simple rules relating to 'time' & 'price' and then have the CAJONES to pull the trade.

    As more than one frustrated single woman has uttered..."where are the men?"


    Good luck guys in becoming 'elite traders' -- they are definitely few and far between, imo. You're welcome to disagree but based on the last couple years of talking to you guys I just don't see them out there.

    I measure success by return on daytraders margin -- whatever profits are made daily ($$$) divided by # of contracts then divided by daytraders margin. So if you want to dispute this, these are the #'s I'm looking for when you show me your daily trading statements.

    God Bless & Good Trading! I'm havin' fun.

    The Mechanical Day Trader

    EDIT: Well, I guess this Forum doesn't take attachments, cuz it's not there, so the FAQ is MIA.
  10. once again ...a guy spamming his stuff. somebody posts a negative opinion and the and the owner immediately responds ....and is the only one defending and refuting with a massive reply. clowns!
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