Software better than TOS for options?? is LiveVol good?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Joebone, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Joebone



    Is there any software that can compete with TOS on options analysis?

    I love TOS ability to analyze my portfolio by expiration and underlying. Is TOS the only place I can do that seamlessly?

    The guys on Option Block love LiveVol. I have no experience with it. is it amazing?
  2. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    We offer LVX with accounts at IB right now and Wedbush in September. Email me your name and contact information if you want to try a demo.

    We also offer SIlexx OEMS. A professional option trading platform. If I know more about your trading needs, I could better suggest one.
  3. ofthomas


    LVX is good, but takes some getting used to... as long as your focus is options only you are good.. you can also get data into excel (just no order execution from there, I wished they added that part)..
  4. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    We just took over ownership of LVX. It will take some time for our team to go though the LVX code. Once we do that, we will have the ability to improve software that has not been updated in years. In the mean time, it is very stable and does many things around option vol that no other software does.