software advice needed

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by journeyman, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. After spending time with I have decided to get serious about my trading and need a better platform. The problem is that my mind is spinning from all the options and free trials/demos that are available. I have trawled through the software review section here too.

    I have the following requirements:

    1) seemless charting through any time frame, eg. weekly->daily->hour->15min->5min->1min->1000 tick->50 tick ALL in one chart window with as simple and quick transition as possible (like mouse wheel)

    2) quote list/watch list must be able to be actively linked to miltiple other windows (charts,news etc...) and MUST operate off the down arrow or single mouse click or be able to be programmed to any key I want

    3) real-time scanner must operate in backgrond to fully customisable alerts and again those alerts must be able to be easily and quickly displayed as charts as per 2) above

    4) the database must save locally to my hardrive

    The systems I am looking into at the moment are: amibroker, investor r/t, neoticker, prophetX, tc2007, tradestation 8 (but this is already out because I prefer to pick my own broker).

    Please any comments about any of these or other software capabilties would be greatly appreciate as IT IS A JUNGLE OUT THERE and everyone wants a piece of me, especially my credit card numbers!

    Oh, and I require a datafeed that is NOT esignal/subsidiary as I refuse to do business with them.