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  1. I Already explained it.

    He editorialized the post with his THREAD TITLE, which was absurd.
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  2. Baron

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    And @just21, why did you alter the thread title in a way that contradicts the content of the news post you submitted?
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  3. just21


    I did not alter the thread title. I posted my opinion as I disagreed with a member of the establishment saying look over there, don't look at the expanding money supply. Why is Soesisbitter making personal attacks? Can they not debate? Do personal attacks on my family meet posting guidelines on this website? If they do then delete my account before I slag everybody off on every thread. If everybody stoops in the gutter like Soes your website will be destroyed.
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  4. Baron

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    Ok, here's the deal. I'm not taking either side in this argument.

    First, crafting a thread title with a contradictory opinion to what you're actually posting is weird and misleading, especially since you're not providing any other content to support your opinion. If you want to post an opposing viewpoint to an article, then post the article and then post a reply to your own thread stating your opinion with supporting evidence.

    With that said, I don't think that what you did warranted the insulting post that SoesWasBetter submitted. I mean common, bringing in the IQ of someone's family members as a response is so childish and stupid. That's not disagreeing with someone, that's just being an asshole on purpose.

    So.... just21, please don't use the thread title as a way to editorialize your thread content.

    And SoesWasBetter, I'm asking that you stop the insulting posts like that because it's uncalled for and it wastes my time having to deal with situations like this when they could be easily avoided.
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  5. just21


    Delete my account before I destroy your website. thankyou.
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  6. Might have been a little over the top, agreed. But that was the initial reaction to someone claiming that not only was bitcoin not a bubble, an absurd posture, but the DOLLAR was. All in one line, it caused a brain hemorrhage.

    If we're going to indulge idiocy, then there's no point in being here.

    I'll keep families out of it.
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  7. vanzandt


    Thats a pretty bold threat.
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  8. Vertex


    Were you stomping your feet as you typed this?
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  9. southall


    For a 6 foot 6 inch tall ex floor trader, just21 has quite thin skin.
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  10. henry76


    It seems to me if we're NOT going to indulge idiocy, then there's no point being here.
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