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    You ain't seen nothing yet. Just wait until I get to ~$40K unrealized DD. It will be funky then.
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  2. d08


    What's with western society nowadays? Everyone has such a thin skin, everyone is constantly offended by something and discriminated against. If people had real problems they'd forget about these petty insults in a second and move on with their lives.
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  3. Obviously you’ve never visited the P&R section!
    What Soes wrote would pass for a love letter in there.
    Toughen up buttercup
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  4. @just21
    Members on this forum are a highly opinionated bunch. Since nobody knows the sizes of each others trading accounts, one can claim anything under the veil the anonymity. They could be a 100M fund manager or a just peddling a job, wannabe traders in their mom's basement. (The latter being the most likely)

    Most people (including me or you) are not going to change their opinion. I tried to make an argument to diversify assets with Real Estate .... and I was butchered. Remember this is Real Estate! The stuff that top 1% of wealth bracket maintain their capital. Most people are set in their ways. Or they troll others, because trolling could be fun.

    If you feel so strongly about Crypto, you're barking up the wrong block(-chain). Success is the sweetest of all revenges. Just figure out a way to make money off of Crypto. Short it, long it, Pair trade it with the forks, create a greeks tracking system, create a brokerage, do a crypto HFT whatever!

    Grow up and trade!
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    It very much depends who you talk to, rather than the community as a whole. But that's the same on any forum, same in any pub, same on any train. Some are less mature than others, some just come for an argument.
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  6. tomorton


    That's just not right, I don't like that.
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  7. vanzandt


    Just to be clear however...that wasn't Soes I was referring to... it was a character named ZB320trader.
    He was a piece of work.
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    There is a "Report" button on every post for referring a post to moderators. I am guessing they use established guidelines for moderation/banning, not your demands.

    This thread is just a public appeal for validation, you should get a few days off for misusing the feedback forum.

    Although I would like to know if Soeswasbetter has been ignored as many times as stock777 ;)
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  10. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    @SoesWasBetter , can you please explain why you posted the insulting post above in regards to a BTC news story that just21 started?
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