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  1. I'm all about family. Was someone offended? Well, I'm offended 200x a day, welcome to the internet

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  2. i960


    Dude c'mon. There's plenty of stuff like this all over the site and it's not meant to be taken literally. As other people have said, harden up.
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  3. just21


    I thought this was a serious website. Debate on reddit is more mature than this.
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  4. i960


    Didn't you read the sign on the door before entering? "Have a Sack or Don't Enter"

    Seriously, why are you getting upset over some bullshit comment someone made just to get you riled up? The correct response is to ignore it, not to interpret it literally. It's called shit talking.
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  5. @just21 You are absolutely correct to be offended. A personal or family attack serves no purpose. If Baron hasn't set a set a bar the prohibits personal attacks than we as the community should. The advice to "develop a thicker skin" doesn't really address the issue of insulting you and your family. We as a community are here for a reason - to learn and exchange ideas. Having an agenda is certainly OK. Being a constant asshole means we as a community should remove his audience.
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  6. Overnight


    With about 5,500 posts, you KNOW it is a serious website with the occasional silly/stupid mixed in. Else you would not have hung around so long. I sense you have had a bad trading day/week. So have I. Take a break man. Clear your head. :)
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  7. Oh yeah, now I recall why I shit the bed, this topic headline

    Roubini wrong: the dollar is the biggest bubble in human history

    I stand uncorrected

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  8. vanzandt


    It could be worse.....:p

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  9. just21


    Admit that you had your mighty dollars in a deposit account/certificate of deposit and missed the everything bubble. You don't like people pointing it out to you but hey you can call yourself a trader. I know loads of people just like you. Must be embarrassing seeing all those teenage lambo drivers who outperformed you.
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  10. Overnight


    OMG Vanz no. no no no on that pic. Please? ROFL! You are either silly, or insane, or both.
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