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  1. 1) 4 those of you who do not know, these are/were 2 cities that burned thousands of years ago. Fact is all evidence shows this happened by way of nuclear destruction. Horn describes all this in his book using examples from the Bible. Anyway, if ancients had the capability of nucear arms back then, why are we led to believe we are the most evolved civilization ever on Earth?

    2) why is the US govt (and other governments) suppressing knowledge about the past and about peoples spiritual capabilties?

    3) why is the USA's (and other country's) educational systems purposely hiding facts about history in order to deceive the population?

    4) if the earth is hundreds of millions of years old, isn't it naive to think that we are the most technologically people that have ever been here?

    4b) how come we have so little knowledge about anything that happened BC- b4 Christ (if Christ did exist about which I have my doubts)? Doesn't it occurr to any1 that someone/something wants to hide facts about the past. (see question 4 again!)

    5) how come people are wired to accept everything they've been told in their childhood? There is never a questioning of things told or taught to them by parents/teachers/others. One example is religion. Most people believe the 'right' religion is the one they were brought up under and they will continue to hold that belief until they die. Do they ever think their religious beliefs happened by chance and circumstance rather than correctness?

    6) why is this plane of existence made so that 99.99% of people will not even entertain a thought that goes against their fixed (especially religious) beliefs?

    Just a few thoughts 4 the Holidays.
  2. What's really amazing is that our Lord turned Lot's wife into a pillar of salt for looking back at the destroyed cities. Imagine that...she was just walking along innocently, took a little peek behind her...and *BAM!* instant transformatrion to sodium chloride.

    ...and people couldn't have possibly made that up, because it's in the Bible. Imagine what amazing technology God had back then, that he was able to transform a person (water and carbons) into a mineral compound! Hey, I know that sounds totally impossible, and negates every rule of chemistry... but it's written in the Bible, so it must be true. Praise the Lord!

    Sorry, have to go now and tell more third world people to quit using birth control. Jesus told me he wants every couple to have as many impoverished and malnourished children as possible...
  3. 1) Sodom and Gomorrah is a biblical story about how God, not man, destroyed the cities.

    2) What part of the past do you want the government to reveal? What do you believe they're hiding?

    3) Same as #2.

    4) Before Christ it was customary for invading armies to destroy the history of the civilization that preoccupied the terroritory, thus a lot of valuable works were destroyed, ie. the Great Library. Homer wrote more than the Illiad and the Odyssey.

    5) What one believes will be tested over the course of their own and life and it is up to them to choose whether to adhere to it, evolve it or abondon it. Everyone lives their own life.

    6) Intelligent people will entertain an idea, but whether such an idea can change their beliefs or ways of life is soley up to them.
  4. ok, your more intelligent than I thought..... However, you are missing the point(s).

    a) 3rd world? what is that? doesn't that mean or imply what part of the country you are in? Mississippi is 3rd world. Is Beverly Hills?

    b) chemistry: this is what I was trying to convey b4, and that is the point that all science is skewed so that the masses have nothing and the corporations/govt reaps it all.

    c) you don't know the purpose of the Bible and that is to mislead the masses and mislead ignorant people
  5. answers:

    1) what is 'God'? God is a higher power right, but what does that mean?

    2) anything that goes against what 'they' are teaching in schools and colleges. Anything that would undermine their power.

    3) ditto #2

    4) yes, that's true and......? doesn't that tell you anything?

    5) yes, and.....? that is the way the World is, however there is Truth and there are lies made up 4 money. What do you believe?

    6) yes, but can't they be misled? My point is the World is made so that most people are fooled and 4 someone to try to convey Truth is a very difficult agenda.

    Just a thought.
  6. Blackguard,

    People accept what is taught to them by their elders as children because of social and sometimes physical coersion. After they grow up, if they choose to remain in the community, and if they choose to remain well connected within an extended family unit, they choose not to question what was taught. Many people choose to get along, rather than be right.

    As one pastor put it to me....."I have to live with these people"

    What is truth really, other than an agreed upon collection of myths?

  7. I would say that collective arrogance is the answer to this one.

    If the earth has been around for 2 billion years, and the evolution of man from the "primordial soup" only took a few hundred thousand years, or even a few million, it is statistically unlikely that we are the first highly evolved species to have occupied just this one planet. (to consider that we are the only highly evolved species in the universe is beyond ALL reason).

    Gordon Gekko had posted the link to Carl Sagan's "Cosmic Mirror"

    It defies all logic to believe we are not alone in the universe. It seems virtually as unlikely we are the first "evolved" species right here on Earth considering the age of our planet.

    A lot of change can occur over hundreds of millions of years. Our lack of knowledge of what came before is almost complete.

    Assuming Sagan had any kind of real grasp on what the speed of evolution is, then us being the first to be able to adapt and develop into a species that can now destroy itself (and the world as we know it) all in a matter of seconds surely offers plenty to think about. Imagine a nuclear armageddon. With a billion years to redevelop, what would (could) the planet be like that far in the future? Certainly anything is possible. I believe the figure usually given for the poisoning of the atmosphere of an all out nuclear devastation of the planet is something like 10,000 years. A long time for us. A blink of the eye in the big picture. If I am completely wrong about the 10,000 years, it means nothing. A million years is also a virtual blink of an eye in this context.

    Can there be life forms that would thrive on what poisons us? Sagan claims that life preceded our atmosphere. Unless I misunderstand the post, then life even preceded the formation of rocks? (Am I reading that right?)

    Anyway, it seems unimaginable to me that there were no prior evolutions and developed species, and even civilizations. And just because we have our concept of how a civilization is defined, that doesn't really mean much. Other species right now have their own "concepts" of what a civilization is. Ever see a flock of birds or a school of fish behave as a giant organism? We have so little understanding of what is alien to us.

    The age of the earth is just a guess. The theory of the Big Bang is again, just a theory. In reality, the "beginning of time" is incomprehensible. When did time start? What was before time started? Nothing? Is that possible? Not to my tiny brain.

    Are we alone in the universe as an intelligent species? Statistically impossible. Are we the "first" intelligent species on earth? Hard to imagine. Are we going to have the opportunity to evolve for another million years? Or a billion? This too seems almost unimaginable. Hell, it's amazing we got through the cold war with tens of thousands of nuclear ICBMs aimed and ready.

    The war on long can that be kept in check? Science and technology NEVER stop going forward. So the chance of some lunatic sometime in the future destroying the planet (as we know it) seems frighteningly high. Can law enforcement keep up with the threat? Only time will tell. Think "Minority Report". But even that didn't work in the movie. But short of foreseeing the future, it does not seem possible that we will not eventually be victims of our own technology. There have always been fanatics willing to die for their beliefs. And taking the whole planet with them would not be a problem for some.

    What is most scary is that it would only take one. We have already seen there are plenty of candidates. And plenty of "causes" worth dying for. Reason and Rationality don't come into play. What was Mohammed Atta thinking? Did he further his "cause"? Obviously it made no difference to him. What could be more scary? If he had the means to annihilate the entire western world, is there any doubt he'd have done it?

    Peace (PLEASE!),
  9. blackguard -

    Haven't you figured it out yet dude??

    It's all a result of how The Matrix was programmed by the machines, man!!

    Shhh, find Neo and your questions will all be answered - or Find Nemo and have a much more enjoyable time

    :) :) :)