Soddom Insane kicks bucket for glorious benifit of some damn thing

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  1. Well, he appeared to have died honorably (not a coward). Could you imagine some of our spineless politicians in his shoes? You would have had to drag the bastards screaming and fighting from their cells and then dope them up for the final show. If you are going to have a death penalty, Hussein certainly qualified for it. You just have to admire people who can face death with such resolve. Could you?

  2. Fuck no, and in this situation its absolutely fucking ridiculous to say such a thing, its absurd any sane person could happily , jauntily head for the gallows, without a little "happy helper", theres no question in my mind so many famous figure's who met the chopping block had their immediate history revised and "sweetened " a little for the benifit of the press, and the clamouring , bloodthirsty crowds.

    What i mean by that, is, if you seriously beleive all the "famous last words" of so many notable figures, were actually uttered with any composure, there's good odd's your somewhat deluded.
  3. Maybe I am a little deluded. I don't know. Isn't everyone these days? BTW, by saying "could you?" I didn't imply that I could go skipping and singing to the gallows. I am sure when the moment of time came, my legs would buckle and I would resist like mostly everyone. Death makes cowards of us all. The guy just seemed to have more composure than I expected. On another note, I think we made a terrible mistake removing him from power. He was a tyrannical bastard, but so is everyone else in the region. He could have actually been an asset to the United States considering how much he hated Iran and vice-versa. Now we have replaced his klan with basically the same bunch of assholes that run Iran. We are in trouble, imo. Also, if you want to talk about deluded we can discuss the new "plan" to increase troops in Iraq.
  4. The problem with sending more troops is that there will be an increase in deaths.
    What needs to be done is for President Bush,Cheney, Runsfeld, Rice to apologise to ALL the countries in the region for their idiocy in waging this illegal and phony war, then pull ALL the troops out IMMEDIATELY!
    Sending in more troops will prove to be a mistake.
  5. You think this pig who murdered hundreds of thousands of kurds
    in Kuwait, and who knows how many of his own people died
    an honorable death?

    The sap was a mass murderer. No honor whatsoever in his death.

    None whatsoever. He was a frickin' POS. Comparing him to any
    politician in the US is... well.... think about for awhile...

    And you "admire" this stupid MF'er?...

    I can't believe some of the posts on this board...:(
  6. The guy was a mass murderer and as I said, if you are going to have the death penalty he certainly qualified. I don't think we disagree on what type of person he was. I only stated I admired his composure while facing certain death. It is okay to admire certain traits of your enemies. That doesn't mean that you like them. For example, apparently Gen. Patton admired Rommell during WWII. That doesn't mean Patton wanted to run off and be a Nazi general.

  7. that's too hard for viciouscunt77 to grasp, this idiot buys everything hes told and repeats it like a parrot...u expect him to tell the subtle difference here? no fucking way.
  8. You have to remember, being a bloodthirsty tyrant was his guys entire career.
    And he was damn good at it.
    From the absolute get go in this mans life, you get every impression that he was going for gold-in exile, attempted murder plots, attempted coups, successful coups, then head honcho under the admin of relatives-whom he then progressively bumps off in remarkably expedient fashion.

    Then gets the top job, and holds it for how long?

    You have to admit, thats not a bad effort.
    The odds of a guy like that lasting 12 months in those circles is pretty bad, but he did it.

    Vanhelsing, re; "not being a coward" in the face of execution, looking at the historical precedents of high profile executions, it's a typical propaganda exercise to in some bizarre way, "honour" the person, by in fact claiming they werent dragged screaming to the chopping block, even if they were.

    It's also a peculiar method of aggrandisement of the executioner, reflecting such "nobility" to the psycho's who signed the order that they had the integrity to sentence someone else of nobility-whom naturally, said coherent last words, and with remarkable dignity, accepted the fate handed down by an "equal".

    A commoner of course, would simply be dragged out somewhere and have their head roughly bludgeoned with an axe, but thats beside the point.

    Medieval/rennasaince europe is filled with such examples, but there is continuous diplomatic tradition of this principle , dating back some ways.
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