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    WHY HAVE AN AUTO FILTER FOR b-h-a-r-d-y-3-0-7 ?



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    WARNING: Nine_Ender / bc1 / ********* are stalkers and sockpuppets.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I don't know but if you continue call people derogatory names like sockpuppets over and over again, you'll be the next to go. I'm tired of this juvenile name-calling nonsense.

    Consider this your first and only warning.
  3. Baron,
    Please do not threaten me.
    Why not just answer the question ?
    And who opened my PM's ?
    And why do you permit Nine Ender and other multinics to stalk people ?
    You are aware that I did not initiate any of the conflict with these trolls so why blame me ?
    And why is this DISGUSTING behaviour permitted on this forum ?

  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I'm not commenting on if another member may or may not have been banned. I'm also not commenting on why certain words are censored. And I'm certainly not going to explain the motive behind our actions regarding trivial everyday moderating tasks.

    I have no idea. Probably you, but I really don't know for sure.

    We have a built-in feature for dealing with stalkers, and it's called the ignore list. You need to put the members who are bothering you most on your ignore list. And if you refuse to do that, then I can't help you at all.

    All I said is that you need to calm down the derogatory name-calling. You may not always initiate the conflict, but you certainly stoke the fire to keep it going.

    If you send me the link to the page that contains that post, I will take it down.
  5. I'll make things easier for you. I have only one account on this system, as you know. I've decided to stop frequenting this site.

    In my opinion, Grand_Super_Cycle is a fraud. But it's your site and obviously you value his/her participation, given the recent behaviour just egging you on to ban them, yet they are still here.

    Myself, I'm not good at idly standing by watching someone post dishonest ideas. I gain nothing from this other then the misguided belief that the forum might become better. 90% of the effort is pointless, the forum isn't going to get better. It would be insane to think otherwise.

    If Grand_Super_Cycle continues to post I am somehow responsible for his/her behaviour ( no matter how twisted their logic is ), well, obviously that reasoning gets particularily ridiculous if I am not posting on the site.

    This will also allow some of your more petulant children on this site ( eg Atticus ) to focus on new targets. Because, seriously now, they aren't using your site to share trading ideas. They are playing juvenile games and chest thumping. Even if we are to accept that Atticus made a bundle of money trading ( for whatever reason ), surely there are better ways to enjoy life now then trying to slap people around the playground and say "look at me, I made it as a treder". I have two beautiful children and lots of wonderful life experiences, I wouldn't trade any of that for money.

    Good luck with your playground. Its been interesting.
  6. Geez.
    Just for the record, atticus has been of great help to me. My observation of him all along - for years - has been that he gives you a hard time if you show you have no idea what you're doing and try to act like you do. I think that's called something like, um, pointing out the frauds.
    Yeah, that's it.
  7. byteme


    Great. One down, one supercycle to go.
  8. Baron,
    Your 'response' to my questions speaks for itself.
    Your failure to remove that disgusting post by newwurldmn (multinic) speaks for itself.
    Your failure to properly investigate who opened my PM's speaks for itself.
    You are aware other posters have left this forum because of cyber stalking.
    The reputation of your site has been damaged as a result.
    Be advised I did NOT initiate any conflict with the ET trolls.
  9. newwurldmn


    You don't learn.
  10. Grandsupercycle CONTINUES to poke the bear....:eek:
    #10     Mar 29, 2012