Socialists? Why don't they all just go somewhere else??

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  1. Democracy is supposedly the theoretical underpinning of socialist thinking. Majority rules, etc, etc.

    Yet, it's no secret that socialist/marxist/"progressive" thinking is very far out of synch with the American main stream. Even the most deranged "progressive" wouldn't try to claim that their philosophy was widely popular in the USA.

    After all, even the notion of Obamacare was not supported by the majority of Americans. Yet I can never get any of them to address the oxymoronic contradiction which is the theoretical construction of their own thinking, right... ?

    Since their ideas and philosophies aren't supported by the majority, they shouldn't be implemented, according to their doctrine. Even if their beliefs are ideal to them, they shouldn't be executed because they lack majority support. Yet, in practice that's not the case. Why?

    In practice they appear to want to impose their beliefs on the nation despite the fact that the vast majority of the nation doesn't support or agree with them. This flies in the face of the democratic ideal which they cite as a guiding principal.

    Further, why do they chose to expend their efforts trying to revolutionize the USA when many other nations on Earth have policies and governments which are far closer to what they view as ideal? Why not emmigrate to one of those nations, where such ideas are popular and presumably supported by the majority? Why stick around in a nation which you are ideologically and philisophically out of synch with, only to try to impose your ideas on the masses which disagree with you?

    Any of you progressives out there care to address the philisophical paradox and answer the question?
  2. When a man runs for president,and says while he is running for president that he will start an Obama care program,and he is then elected by the majority,that is majority rule

    I know that concept is hard for the idiot right to understand
  3. If we were out of sync there wouldn't be leftist elected officials.But fact is we elected a leftist president ,House and Senate
  4. Hello


    Q) Socialists? Why don't they all just go somewhere else??

    A) Because they have already fucked up every other country they have went into, but they seem to think this time it will be different.
  5. We by now know the right has no intention of taking care of
    the middle class w/o paying the ransoms held out for by
    big business. Tax breaks have been given to middle class and
    small business by the Obama administration but conveniently and deliberately turned a blind eye to. The right has the luxury of wailing from the sidelines against policies implemented by the left w/o knowing the effects not implementing, for instance the stimulus, would have had even beyond the devastations the economic collapse has already wrought. Too big to fail is a notion that noone really understands the implications of w/o an audit like no audits ever been done; the extent to which the behemoth of institutional investment were dependent on is the great unknown, for that matter noone really understands what the ramifications of "dependent on" MEANS -- you think you know but you don't know.

    The most popular player on the team is the second string quarterback sitting on the bench whenever things go poorly yet
    he may just throw more interceptions than the starter for all you know. Its just my opinion but whenever you start shipping jobs overseas ( One World Government?! ) so you can keep the difference in profits you begin a traitorous breach any good faith your participation in this country has afforded you, cemented by the deaths of that same segment of the populations fighting overseas for the same's Freedoms. If the war in Afghanistan ended tomorrow and the boys came back they'd be welcomed to unemployment that exists because whatever they might have done for a living was shipped abroad so managers bonuses could fatten. And try to start a business in an economy where descretionary income and demand are reduced and the prospects for success is musical chairs halved. Nice, probably why they were sent over there in the first place. Maybe they could all daytrade ...or act!
  6. Why don't they all just go somewhere else??

    They need a government program to pack their bags for them.
  7. exactly