Socialists want the equivalent of locking everyone in a padded room.

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    A socialist utopia would be the equivalent to locking everyone in a padded room, and feeding them for the rest of their life. In this environment, no one would ever get hurt, or sick, and no one would ever have more then the other person. Everyone could live a full life with absolutely no pain involved, and not have to worry about evil things like bills, or work, or sacrifice. At first you might think this seems over the top, but lets look at how life works, and where left wing policy is taking us.

    The ultimate goal that socialists would want in their utopia is that no one would ever have to experience pain. Well think about what they are doing in terms of the government right now. They want to create a safety net for every single person in every single scenario, regardless of how hard they work, and regardless of whether or not they choose to ever exercise the tiniest bit of common sense. This has been shown time and time again, but the most recent examples would be Obamacare, and this stupid new consumer protection agency which has been designed to protect people who never took the time to read a contract which they were putting their name on.

    When you think about it this is exactly the same as putting a person in a padded room. When you are young, and throughout your entire life the way you learn as human being is by experiencing 2 basic emotions, pain and pleasure . As a child at some point you probably touched your hand to a hot element, and learned real quick, that was not something you ever wanted to do again. The same can be said of numerous experiences in the real world, the first couple times you fell when you learned to walk. the first time you fell off your bike, etc. These experiences taught us how to live in such a way that we would not ever have to experience this pain. Well in the socialist utopia, we could eliminate this pain, by locking people in a padded room, whereby it would not be possible to ever touch a hot stove. Imagine how much better life could be if no one ever had to learn from their mistakes, the pain from the first time you lost a job, for being an idiot, could simply be avoided, as you would have a safety net to pay your bills.

    This completely defies the laws of evolution, and survival of the fittest. We would not be where we currently are today if we didn’t experience some sort of pain throughout the years, if it didn’t hurt to get mauled by a lion, mankind would have never learned that it is not something they want to happen again, and thus we would have died off a long time ago.

    Most people would have found it pleasurable the first time they won a contest, or beat someone in a race, or scored higher on a test, and it is this very pleasure which drives some people to work harder than others, this is the reason why some people make more than others, or go on to live more successful lives then others. This is also the reason we have been able to evolve over the years, and it is essentially the reason humans now dominate planet earth.

    In a socialist utopia, no one would ever make more then any other person, and it would completely defy the laws of evolution. If I was never rewarded for placing first in a race, or for going out and hunting more food, what incentive would I have to work hard to try to win that race again, or find more food? Again, this whole “disaster” of who works harder, and first and second place, and who deserves more would be easily avoided in a socialist utopia by locking everyone in a padded room.

    You may think the analogy is over the top, but when you really break it down socialists basically want all of us to live in a padded room for the rest of our lives, and never really experience the real world. A large part of the joy of life is found through going out and experiencing the real world first hand, and figuring it out for yourself, like solving a puzzle, what fun is it in being given the answer when you are trying to figure out a puzzle or equation? I dont know about the rest of you, but the moments of pain in life have made the moments of pleasure exponentially better for me. Socialists essentially want to rob every human being of the most basic emotions which have driven our evolution as human beings, pain, and pleasure.
  2. I think if the democrats ever got what they wanted, a socialist utopia like you described, they would quickly have nothing to do and no way to "save us" anymore,so they would then start up with trying to give us freedom from the socialist utopia they just gave us. I think democrats can never be satisfied, just something in their nature that always has to be doing something and they cant just enjoy themselves. They have to dedicate THEIR lives to running all of YOUR life. Thats what makes them happy.
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    No offense intended by my brevity, but that's not socialism.

    Just off the cuff I'd say it has mostly to do with the (over?) empowerment of soccer moms.
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    LOL, so true!! I love all these jackasses who come on T.V. and try to criticise the right wing for not creating a bunch of new policies, like its something which the government should be doing full throttle all the time.

    Dems seem to miss the simple point that every single government program ever created has been a failure, and that quite frankly we are better off as a nation with a government who does nothing, then one who constantly tries to come up with new ideas which fail. You are totally right though, i think for them the juice is in telling everyone else they are smarter then us, and that they can run our lives more efficiently.

  5. I think you mean hockey moms. They're way worse.
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    I can attest to that, i played competitive minor hockey until i was 20, and hockey moms are absolutely the most ruthless people ever when they set foot in the arena.

    I remember this one mom who was the nicest woman in the world outside the rink, but when she was cheering on a game she became some sort of obnoxious rabid hyena, who jeered the reffs and the other team the entire game.