Socialists socialize the losses while capitalists keep the profits

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  1. My brothers wife works at Chase. And I got some interesting scoop, the banks are gonna increase interest rates and fees to cover this new obama bank tax. They had some discussions about this.

    So instead of obama taxing the bonuses of the big dawgs who worked in tarp recipient institutions 50% like the UK did. Obama chose to steathly, socialises losses again and privatize gains one more time.

    Taxing the bonuses would make it difficult for banks to pass that down since it is an individual special assessment. It hurts the big fat lobbyists

    By doing this special bank tax to "Stick it to the big banks and make the idiot voters happy and feel like he is working for them and not lobbiests" he creates a stealth tax that lets banks pass this tax to the americans via fees or extra interest yet privatize the gains via fat bonuses that were generated thanks to tarp.

    It is a three card monty game.

    Robert Bernard Reich"We have Socialism for the Rich, and Capitalism for everyone else."
  2. it is really incredible that one president can destroy the entire american economy
  3. you don't need to know anyone to understand that when the cost of doing business increases, the cost of goods/services increase.
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    Why you have to bank with Chase?

    Just bank with the other non-50 largest banks in US.
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    I heard that people like you exist, You like getting ass pummeled

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    In United Socialist of America, Debt owns YOU!
    Stalin must be cursing in his grave, why was he born 100 years too early; if only he was an American. :p
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    What did krazykarl say in his post that wasn't correct?

  8. +1 +1 +1 +1

    But also bear in mind that he is aided and abetted by an out-of-control Democratic Congress and Senate - everyone seems to forget that B. Frank & C. Dodd have been in control of the 2 most powerful banking commitees for years.
  9. You are talking about Bush right?
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    Actually I think he was referring to Reagen.:p
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