& redirect to Obama campaign site

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  1. Internet shenanigans... & redirect to Obama campaign site

    It appears a Barack Obama detractor is using the power of the internet to demonstrate dislike for the Democratic candidate.

    At the time of publishing, the URLs and redirect to the president’s campaign website,

    It is unknown who the responsible party is.

    While it’s unclear if the campaign can come up with a solution for this, Twitter users have already begun to take notice.

    “Someone is being cheeky: go to or” tweeted @zaijian.

    “So and redirect to Obama’s website. Yeah, this is going to be a fun campaign,” added @DavidKenner.

    The Daily Caller has reached out to the campaign and is waiting to hear if any potential remedy is in store…. Developing….

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  2. jem


    the internet is getting smarter. what happens when it becomes self aware?
  3. pspr


    The easy solution would be to block any redirect from those domains.
  4. Be careful. When the internet becomes self aware, it will come after the people claiming the internet is self aware. :)
  5. bpcnabe

    bpcnabe has.
  6. jem


    that was funnier than I anticipated.