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  1. What a douche bag...

    SPIEGEL: Your proposal would be dismissed on Wall Street as "big government." Republicans might call it European-style "socialism."

    Soros: That is exactly what we need now. I am against market fundamentalism. I think this propaganda that government involvement is always bad has been very successful -- but also very harmful to our society.,1518,592268,00.html
  2. Bush agrees with him.

    He said he and Paulson would keep the policy going.
  3. Soros 100% right on the money. Republicans will do EVERYTHING they can to make government fail. If you have incompentent free market morons in charge, what do you expect?

    I mean how can someone say government can't do anything right, yet spend millions of dollars of their own money trying to get elected? Then they help their friends get no bid government contracts and then HAVE THE BALLS to say government doesn't work and regulation is not needed!!

    Free market my a**. Free market capitalsim is a great idea, in theory. Communism also works, in theory.
  4. Anyone who believes in terms of absolutes like socialism or free market misses the bigger picture.

    What Soros means by his socialism is rules and regulation that help the whole economy and everyone involved. You might want to read about market fundamentalism.

    What the rich cronnies mean by their socialism is rules that only benefit them, huge bailouts, subsidies and everything we came to know and love.
    Sometimes they argue for "less government" and all the libertarian wannabees sing their praise, and the result is they get tax cuts and key industries like health care or city services get slashed and privatized so they can extract more profits.

    Both use the same tool of government except one it's for their own self interest, one is for the whole of the economy and the welfare of the average person.

    This is not a battle of ideologies! The elite could care less about ideologies, free market, socialism. It's all about money, and everything else is conversation.
  5. Sorros is going to be plenty pissed when he finds out that the tens of millions he funnelled to Obama were wasted on a person who is ineligible to serve.

    Thats classic for a trader to get fucked that way. Black Swan lol.
  6. Prepare to get fucked hard by the long dick of soft fascism...
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    Soros seem to try to appear a uber big government interventionist on purpose. but he is far more capitalisitic and free market than one would think, you just got to read what he says carefully
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    Soros is another Bailout Queen.

    He essentially declared Free Markets "unworkable" and Government Intervention the only "reasonable" alternative.

    This is big fat load of Bullshit.

    Wallstreet only undertook such horrendous risk because they knew the FED - which they own - would bail their asses if the Market went against them.

    Thats it.

    Its really, really simple.

    Our entire Financial System is built on a Gigantic Moral Hazard.

    Decommission the FED, let banks earn their survival, and guaranteed, this type of leveraged fraud would never happen.
  9. If you can't fix it learn to trade it.

    Soros is famous for his big bet against the Pound once upon a time, what is not mentioned is that lead to the end of the Thatcher regime. Now he's got a bought and paid for guy in the White House, why don't we just all give up our cultures and turn the decision making over to 'ole George..

    I hope he wasted his money on this election, I really do..
  10. actually thatcher got the boot 3 years prior to black wednesday 92 ,labour with blair won office in 97
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