Socialist/Pacifist Stock Traders ?

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  1. One of the moderators, Andre, has admitted that he has an anti-war bias. He admitted this after I complained about the incredible anti-american attacks in the chit chat section. There is no such thing as a socialist pacifist stock trader. The psychology of such as person is totally the opposite of a person who wants to make it in the capitalist system in any fashion. People like that do not belong on a trading web site, and if you take advice from them or think you will learn something from them you are being taken for a sucker. Don't waste your time.
  2. Why on earth would you think one need to be a fan of capitalism or this sick illegal war to make money off of the market's movements?
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    What is with you? Why is everything so black and white? What do you care what other people say or think? Why is everything a political issue to you?

    I have never traded Dow Chemical. I probably never will. Why?
    'Cause they made napalm and Agent Orange.

    Was it a long time ago? Yeah. And I have bought German cars. So time goes on. But I wasn't born when WWII was going on. And I was trading when Vietnam was. So there you have why I started not trading Dow.

    Does Dow make that stuff now? Don't know,don't care. I have done ok without it, and maybe it's brought me "good luck" to stay clear of it. Same thing with Union Carbide after Bhopal. And I don't trade tobacco stocks. So what? There aren't enough other stocks to trade?

  4. I had a prof who was an outright commie. He liked to vacation at third world hotspots, particularlly those at risk of a commie takeover, obviously to lend a hand in screwing things up even more. He had a high brow, wasp pedigree and had alot of guilt- he was a wannabe and wanted to be one of the masses.

    Yet this same guy OWNS a house and invests in the market.

    It seemed at least inconsistent, or perhaps even vile, that liberty and property was good enough for him but he worked so that others would not have the same.
  5. Excellent Point Puffy.

    Limo Riding Liberals.
  6. Thanks, I knew I wasn't alone in being an ethical trader:)
  7. odd,

    sorry, i need to disagree with you. those ethics are illusionary, and only succeed in making the one who holds those beliefs feel good.

    as you know, when you buy or sell a share of stock the company does not "get" the money. it merely goes to the the previous owner of the stock, excepting IPO's of course. that said, let's say a person who shared your views owned the stock of the "evil" company and you bought it from him/her at a higher price than he/she paid for same. you are then helping your brother/sister in belief, not helping the "evil" company.

    furthermore, the "evil" companies employ people who share your beliefs and in the case that you are buying the stock directly from an executive or the company itself, are you not helping the employees also ?? i could go on and on with examples, but i am sure you understand what i am saying. the opposite is also true--the so called "ethical" companies that you invest in may not be so "ethical".

    sorry, your "ethics" make no sense.


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    Believe me....I have been trading a long time. While there may not be a tremendous percentage of "purely ethical" traders....traders that will strictly adhere to avoiding trades or investments at all times in companies that in whatever way offends their sensibilities, MOST traders I know WILL on occasions "boycott" certain issues based on moral objections to what the companies have participated in. Whether it be product, policies, politics, whatever.

    What I have NOT come across in all these years are many guys like Mondo. I sincerely believe that anyone with a closed mind and full of anger, contempt and some perverse sense of a "higher morality" is incapable of trading successfully.

    So while I wouldn't say there are not a lot of Mondo's out there (unfortunately, as we saw in Germany in the 20's and 30's, there were), they don't trade. Because their mindset isn't conducive to the business.

  9. you got it marketsurf. and by now it should be obvoius that yes......THERE ARE NO SOCIALIST STOCK TRADERS.
  10. some people become socialist after they've made their money. it's a great device for inhibiting competition.
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