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  1. I like socialism

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  2. I hate socialism

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  1. What is your thought of the socialist losers?
  2. They remind me of cockroaches.
  3. This got moved from economics to politics? Why? :confused:
  4. because they think you might be jakejones.
  5. pspr


    Because all the stupid socialists are down here blabbering in the P&R forum and there wouldn't be any 'for socialism' votes upstairs. :D

  6. I'm guessing my thread is one star because I'm an elite newb, because I'm richer than the lost/mediocre traders here, or both.
  7. cstfx


    Yeah, that must be it.
  8. Lets face it.
  9. If you have money as you claim, it must be inherited money, because you seem to be a jackass.

    Enjoy it as fast as you can, before all the money is gone.

    Did your dad gave the money to you?

    And now you think you are a big shot.

    You are sure it is real money that you are talking about? It's not monopoly money that your dad gave to you to play with it.

    Or your fortune is in Zynga make believe money?
  10. 1) 8-15? :confused:
    2) ~Fibonacci ratio! :eek:
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