Socialism nearly killed the Pilgrims...but it produces great places to live

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  1. The pilgrim thing is from Boss Limbaugh this past week.

    Survey says the best place to live is...

    Top 10 in Mercer Quality of Living survey

    1 Vienna Austria

    2 Zurich Switzerland

    3 Auckland New Zealand

    4 Munich Germany

    5 Duesseldorf Germany

    5 Vancouver Canada

    7 Frankfurt Germany

    8 Geneva Switzerland

    9 Bern Switzerland

    9 Copenhagen Denmark


    They don't have to worry about crime because there are very few conservatives about to shoot up churches/IHOP's/schoolyards/etc.. or blow up federal buildings. And for some reason, muslims don't hate the freedom Europeans enjoy.
  2. Maverick74


    Any reason why all those places are dominated by Caucasians? LOL.

    Actually, if you were half way intelligent, you could see all the correlations that those places have, none of which has to do with "socialism".
  3. all these cities are BOOOOORING!
    extremely boring.
    let's add Oslo, Stavanger and german Koln :D

    My list would be...

    1. Barcelona/Monte Carlo
    2. Rome
    3. Miami
    4. L.A.
    5. NY
    6. Tokyo
    7. Singapore
    8. Sydney
    9. London/Paris
    10. Sao Paulo
  4. 3. Miami = sh*thole
    4. L.A. = sh*thole
    5. NY = sh*thole

    not sure about the others
  5. Lemme guess, the cost of livin'/lack of rent controlled dwellings done keep the black folk out?
  6. Maverick74


    All those places are for rich white people. Come on dude. I can take you around the US and show you exactly the same thing on a smaller scale. Ever been to the north shore of Chicago? Lots of rich white people there too. Oh yeah, and no crime with lots of socialism. LOL. A really thought provoking post you got there pal. Imagine that, cities with ultra wealthy white people being cited as great places to live. Hahahaha. I guess it's a slow news day.
  7. There is a difference between socialism and social democracy. In the latter you tax the capitalists to pay for welfare. The cities you mention are social democracies.
  8. All you fools will soon get your wish of Socialism. It's the new trend in Business and Politics.

    Be careful what you wish for all you West and East Coast lovers. as well as the Midwest. Chicago is a shit hole now. Socialism at it's finest in that City. Soon, the only people who will live in Chicago are the poor and the Super wealthy. Middle Class is fleeing.

    Remember Chicago of the 70s? Here she comes!

    NYC, same.

    Miami....long gone.

    LA- Finished.

    San Fran- been gone.
  9. Wotta buncha hicks.


    NYC is safer than:

    San Antonio, TX
    Fort Worth, TX
    Dallas, TX
    Houston, TX

    ...and only one slot below Austin, which I'm sure none of you think of as some crime-ridden sh*thole. Then again, you just might be enough of a hick to think so, I don't know.

    Do any of you get out of your homes during the day?
  10. Maverick74


    WTF. You are doing the same thing. Look, I get it. White, rich suburbs are safe. Poor, black ones are not. Message received. Are you going to tell me the sun rises in the east next? Man, such lucid commentary from you.
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