Socialism just doesn't work, ever

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  1. How is Canada relying on the US for security?

    Let's be honest, the biggest threat to Canada is the US.
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  2. Canada has a very enviable geographic location. protected by oceans on both sides, arctic hell to the north and the US to the south. No, just for a sec, "remove" the US and put there my drift ?
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  3. It seems to the brainwashed crowd here - unless the US is there to police and "protect it" - the world will be chaos and hell.


    Oh, and I am closer to anarcho-capitalism than any other established political ideas.
    I just read a little bit more than what is written out of the US. Stay healthy... :D

    I doubt any of you know who James Burnham or Albert Wohlstetter were, and how their ideas influenced US policies.
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  4. Not really, no.

    Occupying Canada would be almost impossible -- even ignoring the population. You've seen how much trouble even occupying a country the size of California has been for the military.

    Russia would have to cross a strait to get to Canada, with all of its troops, and then would have to occupy the second largest country in the world.

    The US, on the other hand, could step over the border and try to steal cities, resources, and so on. And with the US quickly running out of resources, that day is coming.
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  5. Inequalities are now very high according to the OECD.
    Cities like Washington DC now have income inequality and life on par with inequalities found in Africa according to CNN today.
    "Surprisingly" - race/ethnicity is an important factor for inequality in the US.
    Beijing is the city with the most equality in the world. Hong Kong is the city with the least equality in Asia.

    The changes have been especially pronounced since 2000 - surprise! - GWB and neo-conservatives...

    I am no believer in socialism as in total equality - totalitarianism - but I really loathe corruption.
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  6. Gringo, I read one of the link about OECD. They look of the big picture of the difference in the very wealthy and poor. It has grown. So they say it is time for governments to help with education of the poor for skills. And with skills, people will not look for social programs to give them money. So the goverment helping people with education does not mean anti-capitalism, it is to be more productive, and then there will be (less) welfare. Very good article!
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  7. Cutten


    You must have a strange definition of socialist - I thought it meant public ownership of the means of production? Last I checked, industry and services in those countries was privately owned to a large extent. They have stockmarkets, corporate behemoths like Nokia etc.

    Basically there are almost no truly socialist or truly capitalist countries in the west, most are a mixture of the two. USA is about 35% GDP in the public sector, France is around 55% IIRC.
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  8. Yannis


    Very Eloquent And Timely Picture

    Posted by Optionpro007 at the Jokes2 thread.

    :) :) :)
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  9. Since when? You've never heard of an educated person going to a public hospital? Losing their job? Retiring?

    Education improves ones chances, and you're right that a good education is critical to a productive populace.
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  10. As I said, the economy is a mixed economy.

    However there's no question that Sweden, Finland and Norway lean far, far more socialist than the US does. And their tax rates are higher -- in Sweden's case, much higher.

    And yet, it's a success. In fact the "Swedish Model" is the financial rescue model that the experts are recommending that the US emulate.
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