Socialism just doesn't work, ever

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  1. That is the title of the thread.

    Socialism and capitalism are not opposites. In fact, all the economies including the US economies are mixed economies which include some socialism and managed capitalism.

    Anyone who claims that socialism isn't part of the economy, and hasn't been since the founding fathers, is selling you something.
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  2. Mecro


    Capitalism does not work, it will end up in the same boat as socialism and communism. Consolidated power in the hands of few while the rest starve. All three are founded by the same group of people.

    Communism was actually contrived in Manhattan and Vienna.
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  3. Like I said moron, we are going down the path to socialism.
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  4. What system do you think works?
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  5. Socialism works just fine. I've known medical students who applied for and received food stamps when they were in Med school.

    Now they are some of the highest earners in the country....and now paying some of the highest taxes to reflect it too.
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  6. At least you're not blaming it on Obama, fuckface. I have to keep you on a leash.
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  7. Boy [sigh] these cons are one dumb mother fucker bunch. I would not vote for GOP unless I had 5 mills in net worth and even then I would not out of principle...
    These assholes like Joe the plumber are brainwashed into thinking that if they vote GOP they somehow miraculously will get rich. Ha ha.....talking about a pipe dream....

    A note to emphasize: the US of A has not had true capitalism either from probably the time Kennedy was shot.....what we have is an ugly thing called "fuckism"....where "business opportunity" is day trading (sorry , Multi Level Marketing and obnoxious sales type stuff that normal people cannot do.....if you get into a real business it is very very large overhead, no health care and the "big ones" will put you out of business as soon as you show any promise. I worked for some startups in software.....

    Also, this predatory lending is nothing new, the banks, loan co's do it on purpose, in a rising market, they take your fees, closing costs etc and after a while when you cannot pay your dues they throw you out, in the meanwhile the house is appreciating and they just recycle it. Do not buy for a moment that banks want you to help keeping your house, they don't give a fuck about people, only profits, the problem this time around is that the RE market crashed like Japan's.
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  8. aren't you the guy who loved 'intellectual debates', and 'political strategy'.

    LOL. Fucking bombthrower, just like your man.
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  9. How about Cuba, where the Doctors starved, but the hookers and cab drivers thrived because they took in hard western currency.

    Yeah, it's great. For about 1% o f the population.
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  10. Well then that would be a great argument for capitalism then wouldn't it.

    Lesson: the money maker will always trump political econometrics.

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