Socialism just doesn't work, ever

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  1. I can be. I apologize for the vague wording.

    Now that you know my meaning, since we're discussing socialism perhaps you'd be so kind as to explain how socialism doesn't work always when some socialist countries seem to outrank the US for quality of life (and in many cases, decimate the country for annual income per capita, such as Norway.)
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  2. because you were comparing the appeal of Communist Cuba to Capitalist USA, while he was touting the quality of life of Socialist countries.
    and title of the thread is "Socialism never works."

    Shows you how your handle applies well to you, Monkey
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  3. BiLosellhi,

    You cannot even make a logical argument. BTW, I thought I was on ignore. I guess you are not a woman of your word.
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  4. So to sum up this thread, socialism never works except where it does work.
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  5. Lucrum


    He and his ilk don't do honesty. It's a foreign concept to them. Just like self reliance and responsibility.
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  6. I'm not buylowselhigh, I'm not putting you on ignore.

    1-- you don't understand difference btw socialism, Communism. you assume they're the same
    2-- even if you did. you tried to make a point based on a technicality, that dave corrected.

    you either dishonest, retarded or both.
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    For healthcare Cuba has a system that is working.
    They are leaders with some cancer treatment also.
    Some people think because of all the problems in the country that everything is bad. Many people leave for opportunity to grow a business and to escape other kinds of poorness. But healthcare is very, very good.
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  8. Actually if you had expended the energy to read a few posts back I apologized for the vague wording.

    It seemed rather obvious to me, but apparently I needed to dumb it down a bit that the thread topic is "socialism."
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  9. I did not say that "socialism doesn't work always." I was responding to your post. I do think that capitalism is far superior. I guess we can agree to disagree. I do think the US is going farther down the path to socialism.
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  10. Brought to you by the republican party (Bank nationalization, short selling ban, extended medicare benefits for grannies)
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