Socialism is the new N word??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jficquette, Aug 14, 2009.

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  2. Well, by gosh, maybe there is still hope for the nation to step back from the gates of socialism.........

    The Audacity of Hope !!
  3. This guy has joined Micheal Steele ,Allen Keys ,Juan Williams and that crossed eyed black guy from MSNBC on my list of black people I do not like
  4. TGregg


    You racists bastards think just because you are lucky enough to be a winner in life's lottery and hold down a job - that makes you entitled to the money you earn?! WTF? It's not the fault of some other person who is unable to keep a job that this happens to him. It's his culture and the luck of the birth cycle. If you had been born in his place, you'd be a deadbeat too.

    It's high time we started spreading the wealth around. A fine place to start is Hollywood - look at all that wealth. There's no way that starring in a motion picture is worth literally millions of dollars. Let's have the feds set a max on that pay scale.

    And law firms. They get a class action settlement for 30 points on hundreds of millions of dollars? That's not right. If you are lucky enough to be gifted at birth with the drive and intelligence to become a lawyer - you need to share your luck with those who are not so fortunate. You didn't do #@&% to be born with that ability, nor did drug-using pimps do anything to be born to their condition. So pony up, lawyers.
  5. Funny when Bush gave a trillion for the Iraq war ,700 billions to Banks, billions more to Haliburton /Blackwater etc ,and hundreds of billions to his oil buddies through his policies Repubs didn't complain and even supported a 3rd Bush term through McCain.Give a hundred billion a year for healthcare for those who cant afford it and then repubs lose their fucking minds :eek:
  6. 2 wrongs don't make a right. Bush administration is like the degenerate gambler losing his estate through gambling. Now there is no money left for things that count.

    US has government ran balanced budgets only a few times in the post WWII history when you marry healthcare in its totality (we are not talking about 65+ or the poor) to the federal budget what do you think is going to happen?

    They are already proposing cuts in medicare to pay for this. That as a concept should ring warning bells.

    "Socialized medicine" is a great idea provided the country has enough funds to pay for it. US has squandered national treasure on Iraq/Afghanistan, endless borrowing, etc.

    You can't have american tax structure and european safety net.
  7. All that is true but I just don't agree with bush giving Trillions to the rich and then saying fuck the poor.If Repubs had denounced and rallied against Bush and his ridiculous spending /giving money to wall street /haliburton i would join the protest against Obama,but Repubs had no Problems with Bush giving Trillions to the rich,they are such fucking hypocrites
  8. Good points made in this thread. But, if blame is to be assigned it ought to be assigned at where money comes to rest not where its spent from ...for the most part. Bush was an element in a much more elaborate machine that doesn't get equal time under the scope; that is, in proportion to its contribution.
  9. Republicans don't give a shit. This is marie antoinette type of thinking.

    I look at bush administration as punishment for ignorance and lack of appreciation for peace&prosperity under clinton. Even now, some idiots think Palin can do the trick.

    At some point people pay for the choices they make. Those who voted for W condemned the country to pain&suffering now they have to live through it.

  10. I agree........the nerve of that young man not wanting to stay on the government plantation....

    He should keep his yap closed and take his clunker in for government cash!!

    The audacity of this young man to have even learned the difference between a constitutional republic and a socialist / authoritarian regime ! What a dangerous individual he is for discerning that the media is nothing more than an extension of the Obama propaganda machine. This young man needs to be "flagged".

    And by the way, Juan Williams has become a straight shooter in his later years, and I respect his honesty and his opinion.
    #10     Aug 15, 2009