Socialism is like tending to a garden by watering and fertilizing the weeds

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Socialism is like tending to a garden by watering and fertilizing the weeds

  1. Absolutely. Liberals are deranged.

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  2. Absolutely not. Conservatives are heartless.

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  1. Discuss!
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    discuss what?

    might as well have opened a thread and entitled it: "is water wet? discuss!"
  3. Problem is, in today's world the so-called capitalists are the weeds, and they're getting plenty of water at the expense of the taxpayer.
  4. Yeah... especially from the 47% of American households that paid ZERO federal income tax last year.
  5. jem


    you left off of the system.

    the wealthy capitalists are selling the very over priced water to the govt and taking some of their profits to buy off the crooked politicians.

    We need campaign finance reform.
  6. Lucrum


    Or -
    "does shit stink? discuss!"
  7. Liberalism is a cognitive error to a large degree. Much of the leftist platform is based on an inability to contextualize information. Of course the conservative platform has it's own bag of cognitive errors too, but in the modern era the left side of the isle is more rife with them.

    For example, most liberals concern themselves with unemployment and the wellbeing of the lower classes, but neglect to acknowledge that the easiest way to create 30 million jobs and dramatically raise wages for the lower classes would be to start deporting the 30 million illegals we have living in the USA.

    However, let's not forget that the O-bomb was a direct response to 2 terms of Bush, and that the Republican party currently only has a handful which are any better than Bush...
  8. Maybe not in some cases. My wife certainly thinks hers doesn't.
  9. Hey! I do that all the time - water and fertilize the weeds, that is. I mean, my lawn is at least 51% weeds, so by definition...

    But you knew I was a commie pinko rat bastid anyway, so no surprise there.
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