socialism in action

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    basic premise is that the government is smarter than the free market
    place. you, john q public, are too stupid to spend your own money.
    spend, spend spend till the currency and country is bankrupt while protecting your friends and the well connected.

    this thread is dedicated to showing examples of government waste of your money.

    a123 goes bankrupt

    kudos to max e. pad for mentioning it 7 months ago.
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    ok, please post examples that exceed a threshold of 100M.
  4. zdreg-every body knows socialism is bad. Poor lazy people just do not want to work, so they will demand their free money and services-even if it drives their own company (and their pay) into bankruptcy.
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    Hoover Dam was a pretty good investment.
  6. Kurgan


    you are empty-headed.cuckoo-oo-ooo...

    not everybody knows that socialism is an attepmt to emulate Paradise.It will last for the next 10 000 years.
  8. "To get rich is glorious."
    -Deng Xiaoping

    "It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice, it is a good cat. "
    -Deng Xiaoping

    "Let some people get rich first. "
    -Deng Xiaoping

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    dumb empty blahblah about nothing!always wondered who are intersted in collecting such a dumbshit from the bullshiters?:confused:
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    This might not be the best example because R&D not always produces results and it takes many failures to achieve success. Some people may have issue with that. At least the money went into something other than parties, pencils, salaries and benefits for non-productive people. It may actually produce some limited returns down the road - who knows? I guess better examples are needed. Still government allocating tax money for anything is usually a failure because it is driven by many factors unrelated to sound economics.
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